The Department of Population Health's educational mission centers around two key goals.

  1. We strive to prepare the next generation of leaders and to educate scientists and health professionals in advancing the health of populations through the discovery and translation of knowledge into policy and practice
  2. We will fulfill the mission by educating learners to:
  • Integrate population-level thinking in understanding and addressing health and disease
  • Apply population-level strategies in clinical care, research, teaching, and health policy efforts
  • Conduct research according to the highest ethical standards¬†and to serve the needs/values of the¬†populations with which they interact
  • Critically evaluate scientific evidence and apply its impact on populations¬†

Department of Population Health educational programs are designed to meet the needs of our diverse academic community, including medical students and graduate students, residents, postdoctoral trainees, fellows, and faculty. The department offers or contributes to mentoring and career development programs, fellowship and training programs, and degree-granting programs. In addition, the department fosters other opportunities for common learning, interaction, and support among trainees.