NYU NOPREN Water Jets Evaluation

The NYU NOPREN, in collaboration with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, conducted an evaluation during the 2010-2011 school year to assess the impact of new water jets (drinking water dispensers) that were placed in schools across the city. The following evaluation tools from the project are available for download and use:

In-Person Assistor/Navigator Program

CHWs from NYU-CUNY PRC programs serve as in-person assistors/navigators in the New York State Health Benefit Exchange. The following tools from the project are available for download and use:

Community Health Worker Training Resources

The NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center has developed a toolkit of materials available for use by CHWs and/or CHW programs. This free toolkit can be used to provide education, as well as to help CHWs document their interactions with community members. Available materials include a Toolkit Manual, a template Progress Note, as well as educational FlipCharts. These resources were developed for use in NYU-CUNY PRC programs, but can be adapted to fit the unique needs of other CHW programs. Please click here to access these materials.

DREAM (Diabetes Research, Education, and Action for Minorities) Project Materials

The DREAM Project aims to develop, implement, and test a CHW program designed to improve diabetes control and diabetes-related health complications in the Bangladeshi community in New York City. Toolkit materials from the DREAM Project are available for download and use, and can be accessed here.