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Dynlacht Lab

We study transcriptional regulation of the mammalian cell cycle.

Investigators in the Dynlacht Lab at NYU Langone have been leading innovative research projects since 1995. Our lab relocated from Harvard University in December 2002.

We are focused on two major research efforts: exploring novel approaches toward understanding the epigenetic and transcriptional controls governing mammalian differentiation, and understanding the biochemical mechanisms that underlie centrosome duplication and assembly of primary cilia.

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Contact Us

Brian D. Dynlacht, PhD
Principal Investigator
Professor, Department of Pathology
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
522 First Avenue
Smilow Research Building, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Lab Phone: 212-263-6169
Office Phone: 212-263-6162
Fax: 212-263-6157
Email: brian.dynlacht@nyulangone.org

Irma Sanchez, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology
Office Phone: 212-263-6162
Email: irma.sanchez@nyulangone.org