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Jane Hubbard Lab Members Jane Hubbard Lab Alumni

Jane Hubbard Lab Alumni

Many E. Jane Albert Hubbard Lab alumni go on to competitive positions in academia and industry.

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Hillel Kugler, PhD (2004–07)
Current position: Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Diana Dalfo, PhD (2007–11)
Current position: Global Project Manager, Bayer Health Care

Marie McGovern, PhD (2006–11)
Current position: Assistant Professor, Kingsborough Community College

David Michaelson, PhD (2005–14)
Lab position: Associate Research Scientist
Current position: Adjunct Professor, Kingsborough Community College

Zhao Qin, PhD (2010–16)
Current position: Professor, Tongji University School of Medicine

Olga Pekar, PhD (2012–18)
Current position: Adjunct Teaching Faculty, City University of New York

Debasmita Roy, PhD (2011–18)
Current position: Associate Director, WW Publications, Early Assets and Biomarkers, Bristol Myers Squibb

Ritika Das, PhD (2016–20)
Current position: Associate Consultant at Bionest Partners

Amanda Fry (2015–21)
Current position: Science Communication

Roumen Voutev (2021–22)

Former Graduate Students

Anita Pepper (1998–2003)
Current position: Vice President, Institutional Advancement, The Wistar Institute

Darrell Killian (1999–2004)
Current position: Associate Professor, Colorado College

Roumen Voutev (2002–09)
Current position: Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University Medical Center

Dorota Korta (2008–12)
Current position: PGY-2 Resident in Dermatology; UC Irvine Medical Center

Former Technicians

Julia Burnett (2020–23)
Current position: Graduate Student, Harvard

Te-Wen Lo (1998–2000)
Current position: Associate Professor, Ithaca College

John Maciejowski (2003–06)
Current position: Principal Investigator, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Yossi Capua (2007–10)
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Weizmann Institute

Vedat Onur Yilmaz (2014–15)
Current position: Research Associate, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Yujie Fan (2014–16)
Current position: Graduate Student, Weill Cornell Medical Center

Former Undergraduates

Manuel Montano (2008)
Alex Fong (2015)
Jenny Gao (2018)
Ivette Chen (2019)
Candace Linton (2018–19)
Michelle Xu (2017–19)
Sanjana Dixit (2020–22)
Tim Rebancos (2020–22)
Akash Nagapurkar (2020–22)
Nathaniel Lim (2020–21)

Former Summer Interns

Summer interns from various programs around the world have gained research experience in our lab.

Students from Paris Diderot University (Paris VII)

Elisa Taine (2023)
David Kachaner (2008)
Gautier Bresard (2011)
Lisa Martino (2013)
Laura Cheradame (2014)
Claire Juchault (2015)
Salem Achour (2016)
Soumaiya Imarraine (2018)

Summer Undergraduate Research Program Students

Jane Hand (2011)
Jesus Martinez-Gomez (2015)
Sarah Marion (2017)

NIDDK T35–Sponsored Medical Students

Michael Woo (2023)
Ariel Chez (2015)