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Clinical Research Resources for Community & Referring Physicians

Resources for Community & Referring Physicians

As one of the country’s preeminent academic medical centers, NYU Langone provides fertile ground for our gifted investigators, who continue to set the bar high for biomedical and behavioral research.

Our institution houses more than 800 research faculty and postdoctoral fellows in more than 550,000 square feet of research space. In addition, our 16-story facility for biomedical research is housed in NYU Langone's new Science Building. If your patient is interested in participating in a clinical trial, a referral to NYU Langone will ensure that he or she is seen by leading researchers in state-of-the-art facilities.

As your patient considers his or her clinical research options, we’ll make sure you’re involved every step of the way. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our participants, and collaboration with treating physicians is the first step in ensuring that the participant has a positive and safe clinical research experience.

You can get information about some of our current trials by accessing a list of NYU Langone studies at Not all of our trials are viewable through this link, however. For more information about our currently available clinical trials, you can contact us at 646-754-7431.

Many of our investigators work closely with the communities we serve to address health-related issues as well as to promote wellbeing of those people. The Community Engagement and Population Health Research (CEPHR) program is available to provide training and education necessary for faculty members, postdocs, health professionals, community providers, community members, and students to engage in translational research and to strengthen the relationships among these stakeholder groups. CEPHR also partners with numerous community organizations to promote community engagement in designing and implementing research, as well as decisions on sharing of the results.

Consultants from CEPHR and the Integrating Special Populations Unit help researchers effectively translate scientific discoveries from the laboratory bench to the community and to funnel findings from population-based studies back into the laboratory. They offer guidance on specific research approaches and methodologies to develop more effective community health translational research collaborations.

The following organizations provide information to current, former, and prospective participants or others about whom to contact in the organization to discuss problems, concerns, and questions; obtain information; and offer input.

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board provides guidance on planning, implementing, and disseminating the work of the CEPHR. The board includes 25 representative experts from a diverse range of communities in New York City.

Patient Advisory Council for Research

The Patient Advisory Council for Research was founded two years ago and currently consists of 27 patients from NYU Langone. The council convenes every other month and provides study teams feedback on the following:

  • ways to make research projects more patient-friendly
  • how to best engage patients in clinical trials and health research
  • how to best advertise studies
  • concerns and potential challenges around recruitment and retention

The council also advises on broader institutional efforts related to clinical trials and health research. Council members are diverse with regard to age, race/ethnicity, gender, and health conditions.