Contact Clinical Research, Human Research Regulatory Affairs & Institutional Review Boards

Clinical Research Contact Clinical Research, Human Research Regulatory Affairs & Institutional Review Boards
One Park Avenue Building
Clinical Research Contact Clinical Research, Human Research Regulatory Affairs & Institutional Review Boards

If you have questions about becoming a study participant or sponsoring a study or have questions about NYU School of Medicine’s Clinical Research Support Unit, Human Research Regulatory Affairs, or Institutional Review Board policies or procedures, please contact us.

Our office is located at One Park Avenue, 6th floor, in Manhattan. You can email us at, call 646-754-7431, or fax 212-263-4111. Our office is open from 8:30AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. To reach our director, James P. Holahan, call 646-754-7252.

Contact the Clinical Research Support Unit

Our Clinical Research Support Unit assigns clinical and therapeutic groups to dedicated clinical research support specialists and clinical research operations specialists to ensure that projects are reviewed, processed, and coordinated through their life cycle in a timely manner, in accordance with institutional policies and procedures. A dedicated postaward team manages all study financial activities for industry-funded trials.

Clinical Research Support Specialists

Our clinical research support specialists are responsible for the following:

  • reviewing nonbillable new studies and modifications
  • assisting clinical research operations specialist teams in managing portfolios
  • serving as the primary contact for research teams as determined by their assigned departments
  • oversight of and guidance on the submission of required, study-related documents

Please send all initial project-specific questions and communications to any clinical research support specialist. He or she will guide you on the required steps for submitting a study in the Clinical Research Management System and direct you to the clinical research operations specialist assigned to support your department.

Nodar Kipshidze
Clinical Research Support Specialist

Sajjad Hossain
Clinical Research Support Specialist

Richard Yim
Clinical Research Support Specialist

Clinical Research Coverage Analyst

Our clinical research coverage analyst is responsible for the following:

  • reviewing and confirming a clinical trial’s qualifying status per Medicare guidance
  • conducting coverage analysis on a protocol’s clinical procedures using Medicare’s clinical trial policy, coverage determinations, and local investigator expertise as primary resources
  • updating charge designations (SOC or RES) for protocol-specific line items
  • collaborating with study teams to specify ambiguous procedures that may require additional billing review

Christina Moll, CCRP
Clinical Research Coverage Analyst

Clinical Research Operations Specialists

Our clinical research operations specialists are responsible for the following:

  • project review and management
  • billing compliance (including coverage analysis support, research coding, and enrollment issues)
  • sponsored contracting
  • sponsored budget negotiation

Melissa Barragan-Cruz
Clinical Research Operations Specialist

Leah Caropolo
Clinical Research Operations Specialist

Marie Dabenigno, MS
Clinical Research Operations Specialist

Huan “Brian” Bao Duong, JD
Faculty Group Practice Contracts Manager

Lena Geffrard, MPH
Clinical Research Operations Specialist

Juanita Jones, MPH, PA
Clinical Research Operations Specialist

Ronald Maddock, JD
CardioVascular Institute Clinical Research Manager

Christelle Sommervil, MPH, MS
Clinical Research Operations Specialist

Clinical Research Postaward Specialists

Our clinical research postaward specialists are responsible for the following:

  • bimonthly sponsor invoicing
  • financial analysis and reporting of trial accounts
  • liaison with research finance team on account closure and residual distribution

Ray Goodridge
Clinical Research Finance Manager

Theola Riedemonn
Senior Postaward Analyst

Chiedza Dauramanzi
Postaward Analyst

Queen Enidiok
Postaward Analyst

Invoicing Central Mailbox 

Contact Human Research Regulatory Affairs

If you are participating in a research study and have a question, concern, or complaint, please call the Human Research Regulatory Affairs office at 212-263-4110 during regular business hours. You can also leave a message after hours, including your phone number and the time(s) you can be reached.

Institutional Review Board Operations

Helen Panageas, CIP

Marina Godina, RN, CCRP, CIP
Associate Director 

Institutional Review Board Administration

Please contact the administrative coordinator at 646-754-4647.

Institutional Review Board Education

Royell Sullivan-Green, MA, CIP
IRB Education Specialist

Institutional Review Board Operations Full Board Team

Nadia Johnson, MS, CIP
Senior Scientific Manager

Erik Mann, MPH
Senior Review Specialist

Dana M. Pogorelec-Khan, CIP, CCRC
Pre-Review Specialist

Robert Maril, MM, CIP
Post-Review Specialist

Teresa Laury, CIP
Senior Analyst

Jeanine Paolo

Institutional Review Board Operations New Expedited and New Exempt Team

Ella Dvorkin, CCRP
Scientific Manager

Jasmine Liu, CIP
Scientific Manager 

Institutional Review Board Operations Expedited Team

David Berkovitz, MD, CIP
Scientific Manager

Silvia Jimenez
Senior Analyst

Nadine Meyers-Jack

Mohit Sakhrani
Senior Project Associate

Human Research Regulatory Services Unit

David Wallach, MPH, CIP
Director of Research Regulatory Service

Judy Kwak, CIP
External Review Manager 
646-754 -4637

Minhaj Siddiqui, MS
Quality Assurance and Improvement Specialist

Monique Superville, MA
Quality Assurance and Improvement Manager

Ikoa Jeschke-Lopez
Quality Assurance and Improvement Specialist

Susanna Zavlunova, MD
Quality Assurance and Improvement Specialist

Christine Chery Project Coordinator