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Institutional Review Entity Institutional Review Entity Policy Updates

Institutional Review Entity Policy Updates

Stay up to date on the latest updates regarding Institutional Review Entity policies at NYU Langone.

Policy on Identification and Oversight of Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC)

View the full policy on Ellucid (Kerberos ID and password required).

This policy applies to research conducted at or under the auspices of NYU Langone Health that involves one or more select agents or toxins in any quantity listed in Group 1 of this policy–Appendix 1. NYU Langone Health’s Institutional Review Entity (IRE) Research must evaluate research involving such agents and toxins for DURC potential, and the research can only be conducted at NYU Langone Health in accordance with the terms of this policy and any risk mitigation measures required by the IRE. Principal investigators are responsible for identifying and disclosing potential DURC, and for ensuring that any research activity that may be considered DURC under this policy undergoes review and approval before the research begins. Principal investigators are also responsible for assessing their research on an ongoing basis for DURC potential.

Major changes in this policy update include:

  1. Section IV.A (Compliance): Added statement that any individual, committee, or NYU Langone Health department, including Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and High Containment Lab (HCL), can report to the IRE if research with DURC potential is suspected or discovered in the process of review of the protocol or an inspection.
  2. Section VII: Clarified that non-compliance with this policy could result in, among other things, suspension, limitation, or termination of federal government or other funding; loss of federal or other funds for other research at NYU Langone Health; and/or loss of future funding opportunities for a research project not in compliance.

Questions concerning the policy and how to register DURC may be directed to the Institutional Contact for Dual Use Research (ICDUR), Natalie L. Mays, at