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Parnia Lab About the Parnia Lab

About the Parnia Lab

As a resuscitation research lab, the Parnia Lab’s interdisciplinary work stands to not only improve standards of care and increase survival rates for cardiac arrest patients, but to advance fields ranging from critical care, emergency medicine, neurology, cognitive neuroscience, psychology, ethics, philosophy, and beyond.

We are fortunate to have formed strong collaborative links with prominent experts in critical care and resuscitation, including Charles Deakin, MD, at the University of Southampton, and Gavin Perkins, MD, at the University of Warwick, as well as many others in Europe and the United States. We are also actively engaged with many other leading national and international medical centers.

Find more information in this section about our collaborators, as well as team members, media articles, scientific presentations, and events.

VIDEO: Dr. Parnia and his lab team describe their resuscitation research.

Learn more about our studies by reading select publications detailing our research, and stay up to date on our work by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Contact Us

For more information about our research, please email the Parnia Lab at resuscitationlab@nyulangone.org.