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Benefits for PhD Candidates Medical Benefits for PhD Candidates

Medical Benefits for PhD Candidates

At Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, our PhD candidates are eligible for medical benefits, including health insurance, throughout their tenure.

Medical Insurance

All incoming and continuing students are entitled to receive medical benefits through NYU Grossman School of Medicine. During orientation, students receive a menu of options to choose from regarding their healthcare coverage by the NYU-UnitedHealthcare Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Basic Plan and a comprehensive prescription plan. Dental coverage is available for an additional cost. All plans go into effect after the student’s August start date, on September 1. Coverage is renewed by calendar year.

Students should carry their United PPO insurance card at all times. A copayment is required for all visits to physicians on this plan. Please review your insurance plan package available from Human Resources to learn about additional costs for out-of-network providers.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account

You may contribute up to $2,700 annually in pretax dollars for healthcare costs.

PhD Student Health Services

Students obtain medical care through UnitedHealthcare, an in-network provider. The Student Health Center at NYU, located at 726 Broadway, suite 471, offers medical services as well. Please contact the center for an appointment at 212-443-1000. If you are experiencing an urgent need and cannot wait for an appointment, the Student Health Center offers walk-in care for a $10 fee.

Sackler PhD students are welcome to visit NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Student Health Service for limited services such as urgent care. We are located at 334 East 25th Street, suite 103. Please call 212-263-5489 to make an appointment and confirm hours of operation.

Students experiencing a life-threatening emergency should call emergency services (911) or go to the nearest emergency room.

Counseling Services

As full-time students in NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science, PhD candidates are eligible to obtain counseling services, either through Corporate Counseling Associates or through dedicated NYU Langone mental healthcare providers. These providers can help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression, marital and family challenges, substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, and other behavioral health issues.

Learn more about mental health benefits for PhD students (Kerberos ID and password required).

Substance Abuse

While taking classes and doing research at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, our PhD candidates can avail themselves of graduate student services located on the NYU downtown campus. The Office of Drug and Alcohol Education is available for any students who are concerned about their own or someone else’s drinking or drug use. All services are confidential.

The Office of Drug and Alcohol Education is located at 31 West 4th Street, 2nd floor. For more information, call 212-998-4991.

Students suspected of substance abuse are referred to counseling services. Refusal to seek treatment results in expulsion from the program.

Wellness Exchange

Students can contact the Wellness Exchange 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to speak with a trained counselor. The number is 212-443-9999.

For evening and weekend emergencies, call NYU Public Safety at 212-998-2222. They connect you with a crisis response counselor, who can speak to you over the phone and, if appropriate, arrange to meet you in person. This emergency service is available around the clock.

In an immediate life-threatening situation, call emergency services (911) or go to the nearest emergency room.

Additional Resources for Mental Healthcare

Visit our stress management resource page (Kerberos ID required for login) for more information about stress management and available resources.

Walk-ins are an option as well, at NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue, located at 462 First Avenue, or you can call 212-562-4721 to make an appointment with a medical professional. Students are treated by NYU psychiatry residents. Your insurance coverage is accepted as the payment for services.

Call NYU’s Faculty and Staff Assistance Program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 1-800-833-8707 to speak with an experienced counselor.

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program offers short-term confidential counseling and support, resources, and referrals for individuals experiencing personal issues that may affect relationships at work, emotional well-being, or work performance. These services are free.

Childcare Subsidy

PhD candidates are eligible to participate in a financial assistance program provided by the NYU Division of Student Affairs to assist full-time graduate students who have a child under the age of six with the cost of childcare. Students can apply for awards in the amount of $200 per semester. The deadline for the fall semester is always November 1; the deadline for spring is April 1. Students may indicate both fall and spring if the application is submitted by November 1.

When you complete the application, note that Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences is part of NYU’s Graduate School of Arts and Science, so list the Graduate School of Arts and Science as your school. Make sure you are registered for at least 12 credits per semester, or for a full-time equivalency if you are in your fourth year of graduate school or later. Learn more about resources for NYU students with children.

Bright Horizons Care Advantage Program

The Bright Horizons Care Advantage® program provides emergency backup child- or eldercare and help finding regular care. PhD candidates have access to emergency backup care for a reduced fee when they need to be at work and regular care is unavailable.

We also offer a program called Bright Horizons CareDirect, an online tool that can assist you if you are looking for care for your family on a regular basis and also provides a range of other services.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

PhD candidates may contribute up to $5,000 annually in pretax dollars to a dependent care flexible spending account. Children under age 13 whom you claim as deductions on your federal income tax return are considered eligible dependents.