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Scientific Cores & Shared Resources Genotyping Core Laboratory

Genotyping Core Laboratory

Researchers using complex genetically modified animal models recognize that genotyping is tedious and time-consuming, with no room for error. NYU Langone’s Genotyping Core Laboratory provides fast, accurate, convenient, and affordable genotyping technologies. We use conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and gel electrophoresis methods. By pooling samples from a group of users, we can better ensure accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and quality control.

Our team of professional technicians and scientists has years of genotyping and troubleshooting experience, averaging 1,500 tails per month from an expanding library of more than 175 protocols.

To request a service, faculty, staff, and investigators must be registered in iLab. We have also provided instructions for accessing iLab for NYU Langone, NYU, NYU College of Dentistry, and external users.

Requests and Reservations

Request services or reserve instruments using our iLab platform.

Location and Contact Information

Our laboratory is located at NYU Langone in Manhattan, in the Public Health Laboratory building at 455 First Avenue, room 820. For general inquiries, call 212-263-9140 or email Andrea Hines at

Our laboratory is open from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. Investigators should deliver samples to the following drop-off locations:

  • Smilow room 310 (undercounter fridge)
  • Science Building room 1149 (cold room)
  • Public Health Laboratory building room 824 (cold room for rush orders and public health laboratory labs only)

Sample pick-ups occur daily at 10:00AM.

How to Acknowledge the Genotyping Core Laboratory

Please acknowledge the Genotyping Core Laboratory in all publications and grant applications if you are using equipment, technologies, expertise, or data generated at the lab. Authorship should be considered when lab members are significantly involved in developing the experimental design or contribute to the publication content by advancing it to publishable form. Please send us a PDF file of your publications, and let us know if a grant is awarded. This enables us to demonstrate our involvement in the research of a large number of laboratories at NYU Langone, aiding the procurement of future equipment for our lab.

Additionally, all publications resulting from the use of this lab are required to conform to the National Institutes of Health public access policy and be deposited in PubMed Central.

To acknowledge that you agree to our policy, sign the Genotyping Core Laboratory acknowledgment form and email it to Andrea Hines at