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Genotyping Core Laboratory Genotyping Core Laboratory Technologies

Genotyping Core Laboratory Technologies

NYU Langone’s Genotyping Core Laboratory offers technologies for researchers who use genetically complex modified animal models. Learn more about how to access our technologies using iLab, including login instructions.

Tissue Sample Preparation and Submission

Guidelines for preparing and submitting tissue samples are as follows:

  • Tissue biopsies should be no more than 5 mm in length.
  • Place samples in capped 0.2-mL 8-strip polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tubes (no buffers).
  • Clearly label each tube with a unique identification number on the side and your initials on the top. Unlabeled samples could result in a delay.
  • Drop off your samples in the designated freezer located in Medical Science Building room 362. PCR racks are available.
  • During nonbusiness hours or if the lab is unavailable, samples may be dropped off in the Genotyping Core Laboratory cold room drop box, located in Medical Science Building room 345.
  • Samples may also be shipped to our laboratory, at the investigator’s expense. Please contact us prior to sending samples to arrange for their delivery.
  • New protocols are accepted.
  • Primers for available protocols are provided. If your protocol is not currently on our list, we obtain the primers or we can use primers you provide.
  • Tissue lysates are available for retrieval once genotyping is completed. Unclaimed lysates are discarded after one month.


For external users, starting January 2022, data images will be added to the request in iLab.

For NYU Langone users, data is uploaded to users’ online accounts as image files (a login and password are required to view images).