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Metabolomics Laboratory

NYU Langone’s Metabolomics Laboratory (SCR_017935) offers custom metabolomics services to our investigators and the greater scientific community. We specialize in mass spectrometry–based metabolomics, offering global (untargeted) and targeted methods for metabolite identification and quantification.

Commonly assayed targets include glycolytic and tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle intermediates, amino acids, nucleotides, and lipids. Using a custom-targeted method, we can perform absolute or relative quantification, flux analysis, and biotransformation analysis. 

Our untargeted platform enables the detection of several thousand metabolite peaks from a typical sample of cells or tissue, focusing on either hydrophilic or hydrophobic metabolites. These data can be used to identify differentially regulated features, candidate markers, metabolite structures, and more.

Whether your goal is to measure a specific metabolite or explore the global metabolome of your samples, we tailor the analyses to your experiment.

Contact Us

The Metabolomics Laboratory is located in Manhattan at the Alexandria Center for Life Science at 430 East 29th Street, sixth floor, room 635.

To contact our director, Drew Jones, PhD, email or call our office at 646-501-2054 or laboratory at 646-501-2097.

How to Acknowledge the Metabolomics Laboratory

Please use the RRID in all of your citations when using the core.

When using these data in seminars, papers, or grants, please acknowledge the Metabolomics Laboratory (RRID: SCR_017935) using the text below. If your project was part of a collaboration or you feel that our work constitutes authorship, please contact us for relevant authorship information before submitting your manuscripts. High-resolution figures, methods write-ups, raw data, and other items are generally available upon request.

This shared resource is partially supported by the Cancer Center Support Grant P30CA016087 at the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center. Please acknowledge this grant in all publications resulting from the use of this facility. Additionally, all publications resulting from the use of this facility are required to abide by the National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy and be deposited in PubMed Central®.

In papers or grants, please use the following text:

“We acknowledge NYU Langone Health’s Metabolomics Laboratory for its help in acquiring and analyzing the data presented.”

In seminars, please include the text, “Data provided by NYU Langone Health’s Metabolomics Laboratory.”

Requests and Reservations

Request services and view pricing using our iLab platform.