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Small Instrument Fleet

The Small Instrument Fleet offers NYU Langone's investigators a variety of devices, including polymerase chain reaction systems, advanced imaging tools, and the latest microscopes. We continually acquire new technology to upgrade our fleet and strengthen our researchers’ work.

Available instruments that we offer include the following:

  • Real-Time PCR Systems
  • ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imagers
  • ChemiDoc Imaging Systems
  • Typhoon Phosphoimaging System
  • Odyssey Imaging Systems
  • Microplate Readers
  • NanopDrop Spectrophotometers
  • Scintillation Counters
  • X-Ray Irradiators
  • X-Ray Film Developers
  • Sonication System

These instruments allow our researchers to conduct DNA, nucleic acid, protein, cell, and tissue analysis. We also offer periodic training on how to use these instruments.

Request Access to the Small Instrument Fleet

For training and access to all our locations, please make your request using iLab or email us at

Reserve Instrument Time and Request Information

To reserve time on an instrument, faculty, staff, and investigators must be registered in iLab. We have also provided iLab login instructions for NYU Langone users.

Requests and Reservations

Request services or reserve instruments using our iLab platform.

How to Acknowledge the Small Instrument Fleet

Please acknowledge NYU Langone’s Small Instrument Fleet instrumentation in all publications and grant applications if you are using equipment, services, expertise, or data generated at the laboratory. Authorship should be considered when our staff members are involved in significantly developing the experimental design or contribute to the publication content by advancing it to publishable form. Sign the acknowledgement form to confirm that you have read and understand the above policy and return it to us at

Please send us the PDF file of your publications and let us know if the grant is awarded. This will enable us to demonstrate our involvement in the research of a large number of laboratories at the university, aiding the procurement of future equipment for the Small Instrument Fleet.

Please note that all publications resulting from the use of this lab are required to abide by the National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy and be deposited into PubMed Central.