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Treisman Lab Publications

Investigators in NYU Langone’s Treisman Lab frequently publish their work in high-profile publications. Read the latest papers to learn more about our research.

Recent Publications

Two distinct mechanisms of Plexin A function in Drosophila optic lobe lamination and morphogenesis

Bustillo, Maria E; Douthit, Jessica; Astigarraga, Sergio; Treisman, Jessica E

Development (Cambridge, England). 2024 May 15; 151:

Sidekick dynamically rebalances contractile and protrusive forces to control tissue morphogenesis

Malin, Jacob; Rosa Birriel, Christian; Astigarraga, Sergio; Treisman, Jessica E; Hatini, Victor

Journal of cell biology. 2022 May 02; 221:

The Blimp-1 transcription factor acts in non-neuronal cells to regulate terminal differentiation of the Drosophila eye

Wang, Hongsu; Morrison, Carolyn A; Ghosh, Neha; Tea, Joy S; Call, Gerald B; Treisman, Jessica E

Development. 2022 Apr 01; 149:

An exon junction complex-independent function of Barentsz in neuromuscular synapse growth

Ho, Cheuk Hei; Paolantoni, Chiara; Bawankar, Praveen; Tang, Zuojian; Brown, Stuart; Roignant, Jean-Yves; Treisman, Jessica E

EMBO reports. 2021 Nov 02; e53231

R7 photoreceptor axon targeting depends on the relative levels of lost and found expression in R7 and its synaptic partners

Douthit, Jessica; Hairston, Ariel; Lee, Gina; Morrison, Carolyn Arlene; Holguera, Isabel; Treisman, Jessica E

eLife. 2021 May 18; 10:

Specific Isoforms of the Guanine-Nucleotide Exchange Factor dPix Couple Neuromuscular Synapse Growth to Muscle Growth

Ho, Cheuk Hei; Treisman, Jessica E

Developmental cell. 2020 Jul 06; 54:117-131.e5

Sidekick Is a Key Component of Tricellular Adherens Junctions that Acts to Resolve Cell Rearrangements

Letizia, Annalisa; He, DanQing; Astigarraga, Sergio; Colombelli, Julien; Hatini, Victor; Llimargas, Marta; Treisman, Jessica E

Developmental cell. 2019 Aug 05; 50:313-326.e5

Reduced SERCA Function Preferentially Affects Wnt Signaling by Retaining E-Cadherin in the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Suisse, Annabelle; Treisman, Jessica E

Cell reports. 2019 Jan 08; 26:322-329.e3