Endowed Professorships

H. Leon Pachter, M.D.
The George David Stewart Professor and Chair

Deborah M. Axelrod, M.D.
The Kanas Family Foundation Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology

Kenneth Eng, M.D.
The S. Arthur Localio Professor

George A. Fielding, M.D.
The J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Professor of Surgery and Bariatric Medicine

Howard B. Ginsburg, M.D.
The William F. and Virginia Connolly Mitty Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery

Thomas Maldonado, M.D.
The Schwartz Buckley Professor of Surgery

George Miller, M.D.
The H. Leon Pachter, MD Associate Professor of Surgery

Thomas S. Riles, M.D.
The Frank C. Spencer Professor

Caron B. Rockman, M.D.
The Florence and Joseph Ritorto Professor of Surgical Research

Daniel Roses, M.D.
Jules Leonard Whitehill Professor