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Alumni Achievement Awards Raymond J. Brienza Award

Raymond J. Brienza Award

Raymond J. Brienza Award recipients represent some of NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s most generous supporters of scholarships. Established in 2014, this award pays tribute to Raymond J. Brienza, Hon. ’05, who served as Associate Dean for admissions and financial aid for 31 years.

Mr. Brienza introduced the Federal Perkins Loan Program to NYU Grossman School of Medicine, where it became the second largest such program in the country. He developed the Federal Work Study Program into the largest of its kind at any private medical school, computerized the data system for admissions, and encouraged student diversity. Never daunted by a large number of applications, he searched for the “jewel” in each person and admitted the nation’s finest students.

Raymond J. Brienza Award Recent Recipients

2017: Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD ’83
2016: Marcia D. Miller and Sanford M. Miller, MD
2015: Olga Santiago, MD ’82
2014: Ariel Ostad, MD ’91