Neurosurgical Anesthesia

Residents are assigned to the neurosurgical operating rooms at Tisch hospital for four weeks during CA-2 and during the advanced clinical rotation in CA-3. Residents are introduced to the principles of neurosurgical anesthesia with less complicated cases, and move on to more complex cases, such as craniotomies for supra- and infratentorial lesions, craniotomies in sitting position, and cases requiring special neurophysiologic monitoring. Residents are also exposed to minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures such as stereotactic tumor biopsy and resection. In addition, anesthetics are provided for procedures of the spine, often requiring advanced airway management techniques.

The rotating resident(s) attend a weekly neuroanesthesia conference, which includes case discussions, lectures on a particular topic, and reviews of pertinent current literature by our faculty. In addition, several prominent neuroanesthesiologists are invited to participate in a departmental weekly visiting speakers program.