Pediatric Anesthesia

Our Mission

The Division of Pediatric Anesthesia is comprised of specialized anesthesiologists who are fellowship trained in pediatric anesthesia. We are involved in the complete care and needs of patients: the pre-operative consultation, perioperative anesthesia and post-operative pain management and critical care. We strive for the highest level of care for our pediatric patients and their families. We are committed to a three-fold mission:

1. To provide pediatric anesthesia care that exceeds community standards and incorporates all currently available research, technologies and techniques
2. To educate residents through hands-on patient care as well as educational lectures
3. To afford opportunities for clinical research in pediatric anesthesia techniques, outcomes, pharmacology, and other relevant issues

Patient Care

Children are not small adults and no child is exactly the same. Our pediatric anesthesia team focuses on providing an individualized experience for your child, based on his or her needs. We have years of specialty training to ensure that your child is as safe and comfortable as possible before, during, and after surgery. From the beginning, we are there to answer any questions you and your child may have and try to allay any anxiety. During the surgery, we are vigilantly monitoring your child, tailoring the anesthesia to his/her vital signs and responses to the procedure. Finally, once the surgery is finished, we will accompany your child to the recovery room where he/she will awake from anesthesia and be cared for by skilled nursing personnel, with a pediatric anesthesiologist immediately available. Once the patient has regained full consciousness, the anesthesiologist will determine if it is appropriate for your child to go home or, if the plan was for admission after the surgery, to go to a room in the hospital.

While we are responsible for relieving pain during the surgery, we are also on-hand to provide pain control for our patients in the post-operative period. After surgery, our pediatric anesthesia and pain teams, on consultation, are involved in prescribing pain medication or recommending pain-relieving techniques for each child that is best for providing comfort and rest for optimal recuperation. We, as pediatric anesthesiologists, are also involved in caring for children during radiological imaging or scanning procedures, gastrointestinal procedures, and other non-surgical treatments that require a cooperative and motionless patient. We provide care for children undergoing these procedures, tailoring the level of sedation or anesthesia to each patient's needs.

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The NYU Department of Anesthesiology devotes numerous resources to the training of future anesthesiologists in our residency program. The pediatric anesthesia division is also committed to providing the highest level of graduate medical education possible. Each resident rotates for eight weeks with the pediatric anesthesia team, learning through supervised hands-on experience as well as weekly informative lectures. Our goal is to train our residents to understand not only the physiology and pathology associated with the perioperative pediatric patients, but also to develop a keen insight into the psychological differences and to provide a nurturing and supportive relationship during a time of potential stress and discomfort.

Pediatric Residents Lecture Series.


Beginning in the fall of 2015, our anesthesiology department developed a pediatric anesthesiology fellowship program to provide advanced training to general anesthesiology board-eligible or board-certified candidates. The fellowship is designed to prepare the individual for an academic or private practice career in pediatric anesthesiology. Fellows rotate through diverse clinical settings such as the pediatric intensive care unit, the acute and chronic pain service as well as operating rooms in order to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to practice pediatric anesthesia.

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Our division is actively involved in clinical research in varying areas of pediatric anesthesia. Some areas of interest include developing a better understanding of emergence delirium, determining the role of bispectral index in pediatric patients and evaluating post-operative outcomes in tonsillectomy patients. Our faculty has presented at national and regional conferences and participated in panel discussions and workshops focusing on the pediatric patient.


Michael Baik, MD
Kirsten Boenigk, MD, PhD
Jayapratap Chenna, MD
Wanda Chin, MD
Manoj Dalmia, MD
Kenneth Jacobson, MD
Anna Jankowska, MD, Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship Director
Misuzu Kameyama, DO
Ponney Palanisamy, MD
Neil Patel, MD
Arati Patil, MD
Liem Pham, MD
Leroy Phillips, MD
Joanna Rothstein, MD
Neeta Singh, DO
Vladimir Steinberg, MD
Gordana Stjepanovic, MD, Director of Pediatric Anesthesia Division
Jonathan Teets, MD
Todd Tissot, MD
Neil Zilberg, MD