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Center for Healthcare Innovation & Delivery Science Health Policy Research

Health Policy Research

In NYU Langone’s Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science, we conduct health services research to understand how local, regional, and national health policies and policymaking affect patient health outcomes. We are conducting research projects in several key health policy–related areas.

The Impact of Hospital Consolidation on Care Access, Quality, and Disparities for Low‐Income Populations: Evidence from New York Medicaid

This National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation–funded project studies the impact of hospital consolidation on healthcare access, quality, and disparities for low-income populations. Policymakers, payers, and researchers have expressed significant concern over rapid consolidation in the healthcare delivery system, but the discussion to date has largely focused on impacts for privately insured and Medicare beneficiaries. Sunita M. Desai, PhD, is the principal investigator.

Understanding Hospital Value: Provider, Hospital, and Community Effects

This AHRQ-funded grant helps us explore provider, hospital, and community factors affecting the value (quality and cost) of inpatient care. A better understanding of what drives high-value care will help hospitals across the United States to more rapidly transform to a value-based healthcare system, improving healthcare quality and cost for all Americans. Leora Horwitz, MD, MHS, is the principal investigator. Collaboration with NYU Langone trainees and faculty is welcomed. Please email Sarah Tsuruo at with project ideas.

Selected Health Policy Research Publications

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