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Center for Healthcare Innovation & Delivery Science Healthcare Delivery System Redesign

Healthcare Delivery System Redesign

Scientists in the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science (CHIDS) conduct interventions to improve healthcare systems at NYU Langone and nationally, and to advance the science of healthcare delivery. Our work involves close collaborations with frontline staff and clinicians, with whom we co-develop interventions.

Rapid Randomized Quality Improvement Projects

CHIDS collaborates with clinicians and administrators to improve outcomes for patients by iterating changes in routine clinical and operational practices. This program is supported by philanthropic funding from Allen Thorpe. The goal of this program is to transform NYU Langone into a learning health system by using rapid-cycle randomization to test simple and pragmatic ideas that can quickly change practice and that have the potential for national scalability. We achieve this through the aegis of our Rapid Randomized Controlled Trial Lab.

We have focused on the following areas to date:

  • improving the efficacy of post-discharge telephone follow-up
  • improving rates of preventive care uptake
  • improving uptake of clinical decision support reminders in the electronic health record
  • improving completion of patient-reported outcome surveys
  • improving intensive outpatient management of patients at high risk of adverse outcomes

If you have an idea for a project, contact Holly Krelle, project manager, at or submit a proposal.

Healthcare Redesign Pilot Grants

CHIDS provides one-year pilot grant funding to clinicians, care providers, students, and staff across NYU Langone to redesign an aspect of care delivery or conduct a rigorous evaluation of an existing redesign project. Selected projects should result in quantifiable improvements in one or more quality domains: efficiency, effectiveness, safety, timeliness, equity, and patient-centeredness. Learn more about the array of past projects we’ve funded.

Patient Imaging Quality and Safety Laboratory

Funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Patient Imaging Quality and Safety Laboratory (PIQS Lab) is working to optimize ordering of radiology studies to avoid over- and underutilization; improve the care of patients undergoing interventional radiology studies while hospitalized; and improve follow-up of incidentally identified lesions such as pulmonary nodules. Leora Horwitz, MD, MHS, is the principal investigator.

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