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Center for Healthcare Innovation & Delivery Science Digital Health Design & Clinical Informatics

Digital Health Design & Clinical Informatics

Under the aegis of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science, the Healthcare Innovation Bridging Research, Informatics, and Design (HiBRID) Lab at NYU Langone assesses how digital health innovation can be used to improve healthcare delivery and patient care.

Healthcare Innovation Bridging Research, Informatics, and Design Lab Research Studies

The HiBRID Lab is currently running four federally funded research studies.

Integrated Clinical Prediction Rules: Bringing Evidence to Diverse Primary Care Settings

We study whether primary care providers in ambulatory care practices consult evidence-based rules that have been included in electronic health records (EHRs), known as integrated clinical prediction rules, or iCPRs, to help treat their patients’ respiratory infections. Devin Mann, MD, MS, is the co-principal investigator of this National Institutes of Health (NIH)–funded study.

Amplifying Provider Impact on Patient Engagement with an Electronic Health Record–Integrated Digital Diabetes Prevention Program

In this study, we implement a novel interface between a leading digital diabetes prevention program app and the EHR by leveraging automated clinician- and patient-facing tools to promote patient engagement in the digital program while minimizing clinician burden. Devin Mann, MD, MS, is co-principal investigator of this NIH-funded study.

I-Matter: Investigating an mHealth Texting Tool for Embedding Patient-Reported Data into Diabetes Management

This study uses text messages to collect patient-reported outcomes for diabetes management and integrates the results into the primary care physician’s EHR. Devin Mann, MD, MS, and Antoinette M. Schoenthaler, EdD, are co-principal investigators of this Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality–funded study.

Electronic Health Record Nudges: Development and Testing of a Behavioral Economics Electronic Health Record Module

This study will develop and test a new EHR clinical decision support module of behaviorally economic–inspired nudges to promote Choosing Wisely concordant provider prescribing behaviors in older adults with diabetes. Devin Mann, MD, MS, and Andrea B. Troxel, PhD, are co-principal investigators of this NIH-funded study.


The FuturePractice team explores desirable futures for healthcare.

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