Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science (CHIDS)

The Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science (CHIDS) is a locus for collaboration among clinicians, researchers, educators and administrators, who are working together to redesign healthcare. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by fostering the development of learning healthcare systems both at NYU and nationally that are effective, efficient and patient-centered. CHIDS supports front-line innovation efforts, provides training and resources for evaluation work, and conducts healthcare delivery research.

Active projects at NYU Langone Health include developing a trigger tool to identify ambulatory adverse events, measuring the impact of bundling payments on patient outcomes, integrating behavioral health into childhood chronic disease management, evaluating the impact of standard care pathways, reducing inappropriate outpatient antibiotic usage, and improving quality and efficiency of care for geriatric orthopedic trauma patients. We also have federal funding to assess factors contributing to readmissions nationally, to create a Practice Transformation Network in New York City, and to create a Patient Imaging Quality and Safety Laboratory.

Through our Predictive Analytics Unit, we provide capacity for predictive modeling at NYU Langone Health to facilitate real-time clinical decision-making, increase operational efficiency, and build foundation for a learning healthcare system. Our Predictive Analytics Unit leads specific projects from inception through development, deployment, and evaluation. We provide education and professional development to support building a data-driven organization. We also provide central umbrella organization for clinical data science at NYU and for external collaboration.

We provide free consultation on early-stage interventions and funding applications through our weekly office hours. Meritorious projects may be eligible for research and data analytic support through CHIDS.