Research Assistant Position Opening in CHIDS


Department: Population Health, Division of Healthcare Delivery Science                                                               

Job Title: Research Data Associate/Research Assistant                                                                                                                     


The NYU Patient Imaging Quality and Safety Laboratory (PIQS Lab) is a new “patient safety learning laboratory” funded by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. PIQS Lab is a multidisciplinary collaboration led by New York University School of Medicine’s Division of Healthcare Delivery Science, housed in the Department of Population Health, and the NYU School of Medicine Department of Radiology. The purpose of this $4 million project is to be a dynamic learning environment focused on improving safety and outcomes for radiology patients. PIQS Lab will connect experienced clinicians in the NYU Departments of Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Medicine, Orthopedics, Surgery and Urology with operations, human factors and management experts at NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC), the NYU Wagner School of Public Policy, and NYU Stern School of Business; and with design experts at the world-famous design firm IDEO. Together, we will comprehensively redesign our systems to improve the quality and safety of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology through three synergistic projects.

PIQS Lab is led by Dr. Leora Horwitz, Director of the Division of Healthcare Delivery Science and the Center for Healthcare Innovations and Delivery Science. It supports an administrative core, an informatics core, and three main project areas. Each of the three projects is co-led by clinicians and researchers.

Position Description:

We are seeking qualified Research Data Associates for this new initiative. The Research Data Associates will conduct literature reviews and collect primary data (including through chart reviews, qualitative interviewing, direct observation – time-motion or tracer activities – and surveys). The Research Data Associates will also require project management skills. Each will primarily support operations and research needs for a specific project; however, PIQS Lab will be able to flex assignments between projects based on real-time needs of each project and relevant skillsets of individual staff. The research/operations assistant will collect data and enter data into the data management system, ensuring data integrity and fidelity. The research/operations assistant will provide support to brainstorming sessions, including scheduling, note-taking and summarization of ideas. He/she will also assist with development of project charters, process mapping activities and root cause analyses. The research assistant will be supervised directly by the project manager and will keep consistent records of team meetings, decisions and progress.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Database Methodology: Utilizes the necessary tools to ensure protocol compliance to conduct direct data research.

  • Utilizes established methodologies to collect patient information for the research project(s). 
  • Extracts data for publications, or provides data collection from outside physicians’ offices.
  • Formats and uses tools to facilitate data collection (e.g., calendars, schedules, tracking logs, etc). 
  • Ensures protocol compliance, that is, that standard steps regarding eligibility criteria, follow-up, and required documentation are consistently followed in the time frame specified.
  • Secures accurate signatures and forwards documents and or forms to the appropriate destination based on prescribed policies and procedures.
  • Reviews any issues that deviate from standard policy and procedure with supervisor.
  • Reviews data with supervisor and then provides reports to all parties (e.g., project leads, the principal investigator, sponsoring agency, etc.) on the progress of the study.
  • Utilizes appropriate sources, gathers and compiles data, statistics and other materials as needed.
  • Inputs data into the database and or case report forms; ensures data entered is correct and consistent with the source document and completed in a timely and organized manner.
  • Processes incoming and outgoing documents by transcribing data, figures, statistics, codes and other information.
  • Completes paperwork and forms in a neat, accurate, timely manner and ensures subsequent data collection as required.
  • Maintains copies of all required on-going documentation and forms for the files.
  • Reviews data to be entered, edits obvious errors and obtains missing information.
  • Prepares requested data and numbers thoroughly and accurately for statistical analyses and required reporting.
  • Ensures that information in computer database is accurate, entered and maintained on a timely basis.
  • Performs library searches and retrieves reference materials from various sources using Medline and PubMed.
  • May request articles from medical journals.
  • May prepare presentations for lectures or posters for conferences, utilizing PowerPoint.

Research Duties

  • Recruitment capabilities and the screening of potential patients/subjects for eligibility to the study. 
  • Assists with the informed consent process
  • Reviews all the elements of the screening process with the Principal Investigator
  • Collaborates with various personnel that may be involved in assisting with specific aspects in the study.
  • Interacts with patient/subject and families in a courteous and professional manner. 
  • Demonstrates knowledge of policies and procedures of the host institution where the study is being conducted and the regulatory requirements such as IRB and other approvals if necessary.
  • Utilizes available resources and established procedures to identify problems for quick resolution.
  • Conducts study visits, obtains and documents information within the time frame specified.
  • Monitors any outward effects or issues regarding patient/subject safety and reports this to the Principal Investigator, Physician, Research Nurse, or Research Coordinator.
  • Works with the principal investigators, radiology staff, and Program Manager to monitor the overall conduct of the study.
  • Produces accurate and timely minutes of research team meetings.
  • Assists with implementation of new interventions; for example, trains clinicians in new protocols and workflows.

Interacts with Medical Staff, Patients

  • Interfaces with varied persons, such as, School of Medicine and or Medical Center staff (e.g. physicians, nurses, radiology technicians).
  • Works with project teams as to ensure project goals are met
  • Works with Program Manager as part of a team to coordinate the project(s)
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and follows proper study processes within current policies and procedures.
  • Recognizes and identifies problems, appropriately escalates issues to supervisor as needed.
  • Utilizes available resources and established procedures in order to rectify problems, communicates all changes.

Minimal Hiring Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree plus one year related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Computer literate with excellent interpersonal, writing and verbal communication skills.

Working Conditions/Physical Demands: 

Might require physical and manual dexterity needed to lift minor equipment. Must be able to travel locally

Please contact Sherry Mentor at if you would like to apply for this opportunity.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017