CHIDS Research in Action

CHIDS 2016 Clinical Redesign Pilot Grants

Feasibility Study of Telemedicine for Dialysis Patients Awaiting Transplantation - Dr. Aditya Mattoo

A Novel Use of Low-Cost Prostheses to Improve Upper Extremity Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy - Dr. Alice Chu

Health System Integration of an EMR-based Health Literacy-informed Intervention to Reduce Parent Medication Errors - Dr. Shonna Yin

A Pain Management Greaseboard - A Novel Approach to Pain Management - Dr. Sudheer Jain

Pleural Disease Pathway: An Integrated, Multidisciplinary Algorithm to Ensure Effective Management of Both Benign and Malignant Pleural Disease - Drs. Jaime Bessich and Gaetane Michaud

Palliative Care via Telemedicine - Dr. Paul Testa

CHIDS 2015 Clinical Redesign Pilot Grants

Innovations in Childhood Chronic Illness Care Delivery: An Integrated Behavioral Health System Redesign to Improve Effectiveness, Efficiency and Safety - Dr. Ron-Li Liaw

The Colon Surgery Pathway:  A Truly Interdisciplinary, Integrated Care Plan for Colon Surgery Patients - Dr. Jonathan Austrian

Implementation of the Score for Trauma Triage in the Geriatric and Middle-Aged (STTGMA) Orthopaedic Trauma Patient: A Randomized Trial Utilizing Palliative Care Consultations to Improve Quality and Efficiency of Care - Dr. Sanjit Konda

Cardiology E-Consult Program - Dr. William Pagano

Healthy Families: Transforming Care for Obese Children at NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers - Dr. Marisol Gonzalez

Outpatient Antibiogram-Generated Education for UTI Treatment: Reducing Antibiotic Pressure & Facilitating Judicious Antibiotic Use - Dr. Vinh Pham

Federally Funded Grants and Contracts

Understanding Hospital Readmission Rates: Patient, Hospital, and Community Effects - Dr. Leora Horwitz

NYU Patient Imaging Quality and Safety Laboratory (PIQS Lab) - Dr. Leora Horwitz

Greater NYC Practice Transformation Network - Dr. Leora Horwitz

Health Information Technology in Heart Failure Care - Dr. Saul Blecker

NYU Langone Medical Center Projects

Value-Based Management Evaluation

Bundled Payment Evaluation

Automated Surveillance: Detecting Errors in Outpatient Care

Understanding Charge Postings in Terms of Physician Response and Utilization of Diagnostic Tools