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Child & Adolescent Mental Health Studies Minor for Undergraduates Child & Adolescent Mental Health Summer Internships for Undergraduates

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Summer Internships for Undergraduates

Summer internships are available for undergraduates from any NYU school or college in NYU Langone’s Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as part of a minor in child and adolescent mental health studies (CAMS).

In order to participate in a CAMS summer internship, you must be enrolled at NYU as a matriculated or visiting student, and you must register for CAMS-UA 300 Internship I (two credits) during the first six-week summer session and CAMS-UA 301 Internship II (two credits) during the second summer session.

2022 Internships

The following CAMS summer internships are available.

Remodeling #Trending Mental Health and the Making of Neuroscience Course

#Trending Mental Health and the Making of Neuroscience is a two-credit course is a two-credit course offered as part of CAMS to undergraduate students at NYU Grossman School of Medicine that provides an overview of both seminal discoveries and recent developments in the science of the human brain. Psychology and neuroscience majors are encouraged to apply to this internship to contribute to the class content and structure. The intern researches the scientific literature, finds brief content-rich videos, and revises and creates class presentation slides. Students learn how to develop course materials in collaboration with the course founders, Argelinda Baroni, MD, and F. Xavier Castellanos, MD.

Faculty: Argelinda Baroni, MD,, and F. Xavier Castellanos, MD,
Number of interns: 1

Teixeira Lab Research Assistant

Our laboratory uses mouse models to understand how exposure to early-life environmental factors affect behavior later in life. We specifically look at manipulations that alter serotonin and dopamine transmission. We are seeking an intern that supports this research by performing behavioral tasks in mice. We have three projects running in the summer: effects of early-life exposure to SSRIs; effects of early-life maternal separation; and how a combination of serotonergic and dopaminergic manipulation modulates affiliative touch in a mouse model of autism. In addition to behavioral testing in mice, interns also have the opportunity to learn basic laboratory skills such as PCR to genotype mutant mice as well as other wet lab skills. Students work under the daily supervision of one of the postdoctoral fellows in the laboratory and meet once a week with the principal investigator. Animal work is performed at the Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research.

Faculty: Catia M. Teixeira, PhD,
Number of interns: 1

How to Apply

The application deadline for all internships is 5:00PM EST on Sunday, May 1, 2022. Students should submit their CV and cover letter via email to the faculty supervisor for the internship of interest.

For general questions related to CAMS summer internships, students should reach out to Randi D. Pochtar, PhD, at