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Clinical & Translational Science Institute Career Development Programs Clinical & Translational Science Mentor Development Program

Clinical & Translational Science Mentor Development Program

The Mentor Development Program at the Clinical and Translational Science Institute trains junior faculty members at NYU Langone to become effective translational research mentors.

Launched in 2010, the Mentor Development Program has trained more than 80 mentors. Approximately six junior faculty members participate each year. The program is led by Lynn Buckvar-Keltz, MD.

The intensive 16-hour course is designed to build mentoring skills, including self-awareness, active listening, and time and project management. You also become familiar with leadership theories and diversity issues and learn how to be an effective writing coach.

You will take part in seven mentor development seminars that are two hours in length each and attend two, one-hour one-on-one meetings with Dr. Buckvar-Keltz. The titles of past seminars reveal the breadth of topics covered:

  • The Mentor’s Role in Clinical Translational Research
  • Defining the Mentoring Relationship and Appreciating its Rewards and Challenges
  • Effective Mentoring and Diversity
  • Self-Differentiation and Attunement
  • Theories of Leadership: Maps for Mentoring
  • Time Management
  • Strategies for Writing Collaboratively
  • Difficult Issues in Mentoring

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying, please complete the Mentor Development Program application. Applicants must submit a personal essay and letter of recommendation.

If you have questions about the Mentor Development Program, contact Claudia Galeano, program manager, at 212-263-4996 or