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Clinical & Translational Science Institute Response to COVID-19

We are mobilizing to provide urgent services during the pandemic.

NYU Langone’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute would like to recognize the incredible job that our community and leadership have done to quickly respond to the urgent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

We provide guidance, direction, resources, and general support across all NYU Langone locations, in collaboration with the Office of Science and Research.

Our achievements include the following:

  • engaging our communities around prevention efforts and clinical trials through our Community Engagement and Population Health (CEPHR) program
  • involving our community advisory board and community health worker network in documenting and addressing social, economic, and health disparities associated with COVID-19
  • fielding an enormous amount of data requests through DataCore and specimen samples through the Center for Biospecimen Research and Development
  • indexing internal and external COVID-19 datasets into the NYU Data Catalog
  • creating a COVID-19 rotation for third-year medical students
  • reconstituting our expanded Scientific Review Committee (eSRC) to accommodate the need for rapid approval of observational and interventional clinical study requests 
  • instituting an operational feasibility review process for each interventional study
  • redeploying Clinical Research Center staff to work on COVID-19 studies, who then enrolled more than 900 patients in 2 months
  • creating a public COVID-19 research catalog
  • establishing the COVID-19 Data and Safety Monitoring Board and instituted administrative support for investigational new drugs and devices to help shepherd studies through systems

We want to thank our faculty, staff, students, and partners for all you are doing during this pressing time.


Judith S. Hochman, MD
Co-Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Bruce N. Cronstein, MD
Co-Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Deborah Keeling, MS
Executive Director