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Clinical & Translational Science Institute Career Development Programs Clinical & Translational Research TL1 Training Program

Clinical & Translational Research TL1 Training Program

The TL1 Training Program offered through NYU Langone’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute helps to cultivate predoctoral and postdoctoral scholars’ careers in translational research through scholarly seminars, training courses, and mentorship opportunities.

Scholars in the TL1 Training Program receive a two-year stipend and are also eligible for other forms of financial support for tuition and travel to scientific meetings. Stipend amounts vary based on National Institutes of Health (NIH) guidelines for predoctoral and postdoctoral candidates. Scholars are rotated off of the program after graduating from a predoctoral program or after securing an NIH research grant (R funding) or career development award (K funding).

Scholar-to-Scholar Seminars

As a researcher in the TL1 Program, you attend Scholar-to-Scholar Seminars where you network with your peers and present your research for critique. You also have opportunities to exchange career advice, participate in writing workshops, and receive media training to effectively interact with reporters and journalists. Seminars occur every two weeks.

Out-of-Specialty Training

TL1 Program scholars develop a proposal for out-of-specialty training with a research mentor to gain experience that is relevant to their research goals but is outside their primary area of expertise. For example, a laboratory investigator interested in expanding a research project to the clinical setting takes courses focused on human research design and statistics.

Out-of-specialty training proposals are presented to the TL1 executive committee for review and approval and should consist of a minimum of two academic courses or participation in a training program.


All TL1 Program scholars receive mentorship from a highly accomplished senior investigator. Your mentor is assigned on the basis of how his or her areas of expertise intersect with your own research interests. You meet with your mentor at least twice a year and on an ad hoc basis to review how your research is progressing and discuss areas where you need assistance.

Program Leadership and Executive Committee

Keith J. Micoli, PhD
Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs

Audrey Lyndon, PhD, RN
Assistant Dean for Clinical Research and Professor of Nursing and Medicine

Michael H. Pillinger, MD
Executive Committee
Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute Education and Careers Unit

How to Apply

Applicants should complete the TL1 Program application form. The following application materials are required:

  • a current CV
  • an NIH biosketch
  • an unofficial doctoral studies transcript
  • the NIH biosketch of your proposed mentor
  • a personal statement that describes your reasons for applying and your career plans beyond training
  • a research plan
  • three letters of recommendation

We encourage applications from women, people who are underrepresented in medicine, people of different physical abilities, and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

If you have questions about the TL1 Training Program application process, contact program manager Claudia Galeano at