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Division of Cardiology Faculty

Our clinicians, researchers, and instructors are accomplished specialists in the field of cardiology.
Faculty members in NYU Langone’s Leon H. Charney Division of Cardiology include leading experts in cardiac electrophysiology, stem cell biology, interventional and preventive cardiology, genetics, and structural heart disease, among other subspecialties. Additionally, our specialists provide close mentorship to fellows throughout their training and into the next phases of their careers.
199 Faculty


Kartikya Ahuja, MD

Clinical Instructor

Anthony Aizer, MD

Associate Professor

Olakunle O. Akinboboye, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Amit H. Alam, MD

Interim Member of the Faculty

Basel Alhaddad, MD

Clinical Instructor

Carlos L. Alviar, MD

Assistant Professor

Jossef Amirian, MD

Adjunct Instructor

Robert M. Applebaum, MD

Assistant Professor

Ahmad K. Aslam, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Ahmed F. Aslam, MD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Michael J. Attubato, MD

Associate Professor

Anvar Babaev, MD, PhD

Clinical Professor

Daniel Bamira, MD

Assistant Professor

Chirag R. Barbhaiya, MD

Assistant Professor

Tessa J. Barrett, PhD

Assistant Professor