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Division of General Internal Medicine & Clinical Innovation General Internal Medicine & Clinical Innovation Publications

General Internal Medicine & Clinical Innovation Publications

NYU Langone’s Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation faculty regularly publish in top peer-reviewed journals that cover primary care, internal medicine, and academic medicine.

Bridging the Gap from Student to Doctor: Developing Coaches for the Transition to Residency

Winkel, Abigail Ford; Gillespie, Colleen; Park, Agnes; Branzetti, Jeremy; Cocks, Patrick; Greene, Richard E; Zabar, Sondra; Triola, Marc

Medical education online. 2023 Dec ; 28:2145103

Strategies to Improve Medication Adherence and Blood Pressure Among Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations: A Scoping Review of the Literature from 2017 to 2021

Onakomaiya, Deborah; Cooper, Claire; Barber, Aigna; Roberts, Timothy; Gyamfi, Joyce; Zanowiak, Jennifer; Islam, Nadia; Ogedegbe, Gbenga; Schoenthaler, Antoinette

Current hypertension reports. 2022 Dec ; 24:639-654

Use of patient portals to support recruitment into clinical trials and health research studies: results from studies using MyChart at one academic institution

Sherman, Scott E; Langford, Aisha T; Chodosh, Joshua; Hampp, Carina; Trachtman, Howard

JAMIA open. 2022 Dec ; 5:ooac092

Does exercise training improve exercise tolerance, quality of life, and echocardiographic parameters in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction? A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Lin, Billy; Siskin, Matthew; Wang, Binhuan; Natarajan, Sundar

Heart failure reviews. 2022 Nov 05;

Using Latent Profile Analysis to Describe and Understand Medical Student Paths to Communication Skills Expertise

Altshuler, Lisa; Ark, Tavinder; Wilhite, Jeffrey; Hardowar, Khemraj; Crowe, Ruth; Hanley, Kathleen; L Kalet, Adina; Zabar, Sondra; Gillespie, Colleen

Academic medicine. 2022 Nov 01; 97:S151

Assigning Online Educational Modules Before Orientation Increases Interns' Level of Readiness for Internship

Buckvar-Keltz, Lynn; Manko, Jeffrey; Riles, Thomas; Zabar, Sondra

Academic medicine. 2022 Nov 01; 97:S155

Effects of Real-time Prescription Benefit Recommendations on Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial

Desai, Sunita M; Chen, Alan Z; Wang, Jiejie; Chung, Wei-Yi; Stadelman, Jay; Mahoney, Chris; Szerencsy, Adam; Anzisi, Lisa; Mehrotra, Ateev; Horwitz, Leora I

JAMA internal medicine. 2022 Nov 01; 182:1129-1137

Study design of BETTER-BP: Behavioral economics trial to enhance regulation of blood pressure

Dodson, John A; Schoenthaler, Antoinette; Fonceva, Ana; Gutierrez, Yasmin; Shimbo, Daichi; Banco, Darcy; Maidman, Samuel; Olkhina, Ekaterina; Hanley, Kathleen; Lee, Carson; Levy, Natalie K; Adhikari, Samrachana

International journal of cardiology. Cardiovascular risk & prevention. 2022 Oct 31;