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Division of Nephrology

We provide clinical care, conduct research, and train future leaders in the field of nephrology.
David M. Charytan - Division Director

David M. Charytan, MD

Division Director

NYU Langone Health’s Division of Nephrology, part of the Department of Medicine, has a distinguished history as one of the birthplaces of modern nephrology. We continue that tradition of excellence today.

Our faculty are dedicated to providing excellent holistic and compassionate care to people with kidney diseases. We also educate future leaders in nephrology and advance the field through research on improving outcomes and quality of life for people who have kidney disease.

We provide patient care and train fellows at three institutions that together comprise a unique environment:

Leaders in the Field of Nephrology

NYU Langone Transplant Institute and the Division of Nephrology are home to a rapidly expanding kidney transplant program with an active clinical trials portfolio. Now among the largest transplant programs in New York, NYU Langone is known for its commitment to expanding access to kidney transplants.

We are nationally recognized for our multidisciplinary program focusing on the treatment and prevention of nephrolithiasis (kidney stones). Our faculty members perform research on the biology, genetics, and treatment of this disease. Members of our department are also experts in palliative nephrology and the effects of the microbiome on kidney diseases.

We perform epidemiology, translational studies, and clinical trials to achieve four goals:

  • reduce the symptoms and burdens of advanced kidney disease
  • understand the causes of an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in people who have kidney disease
  • identify novel treatments for cardiovascular disease as a result of kidney disease
  • identify the causes of and best treatments for kidney stones

Nephrology is entering an exciting new era that promises a rapid pace of advancement and improvement in outcomes. We are excited for our division to build on its distinguished history and lead the way in the coming decades. I invite you to learn more about our outstanding clinical, research, and training programs.

Division News

Oxalate is critical for kidney stones, yet the bacteria responsible for its metabolism in humans remain poorly understood. In a March 2021 issue of eLife, a team of researchers including NYU Langone’s Lama Nazzal, MD, used a multi-disciplinary approach to study the abundance and expression of genes for human gut bacterial oxalate metabolism in healthy subjects and patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Their research showed that Oxalobacter formigenes significantly alters oxalate levels in mice. These analyses provide a critical step toward a more comprehensive view of oxalate metabolism and its role in health and disease.

Contact Us

For more information about the Division of Nephrology, contact Victoria Neville, MPA, division administrator, at 646-501-4162 or victoria.neville@nyulangone.org or Jessica Frias, divisional coordinator, at 212-262-0621 or jessica.frias@nyulangone.org.

Nephrology Fellowship

Our fellowship provides training in clinical nephrology and nephrology research.

Recent Publication

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Clinical Trials

Our faculty conduct basic and clinical grant-supported research.

Clinical Services

Our physicians are leaders in the treatment of kidney diseases.


We publish in the world’s leading peer-reviewed journals.