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Division of Headache Division of Headache Research

Division of Headache Research

NYU Langone’s Division of Headache has an active research program and conducts clinical trials, affording patients access to the newest therapies for headache and migraine before they are widely available.

Our main research focuses on migraine, post-traumatic headache, and other disabling headache conditions. Our team of headache experts includes clinicians and researchers with expertise in clinical trials, epidemiology, healthcare utilization, mobile health (mHealth), and neuropsychiatry. We are also a referral center for new clinical trials.

Migraine Research

Migraine is underdiagnosed and undertreated. We are interested in improving migraine diagnosis and management across medical specialties, particularly in the primary care and emergency department settings. We are investigating novel methods to implement evidence-based therapies—both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic—in these settings while leveraging mHealth technology. Our team has experience leading clinical trials for novel medications before approval with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as experience studying the effects of treatments after FDA approval.

Post-Traumatic Headache Research

There are currently no FDA-approved treatments for post-traumatic headache. Our experts seek to study which treatments might be effective for this condition. As in our migraine research, we study both pharmacologic and behavioral interventions and leverage technology to help us better understand how to provide the most effective care. To date, we have conducted epidemiologic, mHealth, and behavioral studies.

Our researchers have received funding from the following sources:

With additional funding, we plan to study the following issues in more depth with the goal of developing more effective treatment plans:

  • migraine and the emergency department
  • migraine and the primary care setting
  • sleep and migraine
  • migraine and psychiatric comorbidities
  • post-traumatic headache treatments

Other current initiatives include a Headache and Arts program, which teaches high school students about migraine and concussion. This research study was accepted to the journal Neurology, and we seek funding to spread the program nationally.

Contact Us

For more information about research in the Division of Headache, please contact Mia T. Minen, MD, MPH, director of research, at mia.minen@nyulangone.org.