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Department of Neurology Divisions & Centers Division of Headache

Division of Headache

NYU Langone’s Division of Headache brings together specialists from different areas to provide comprehensive headache care to our patients. We also offer advanced research capabilities, giving patients access to the newest therapies through clinical trials.

Headaches affect almost everyone at least once, and there are more than 300 medical conditions associated with them. Headache pain can be the primary condition, or it may be secondary to a more serious disorder. Once headaches start to interfere with quality of life and daily activities, additional consultation and treatment by a specialist may be necessary. Recognizing and appropriately diagnosing which type of headache disorder a person experiences is crucial to the formation of a treatment plan.

Our team is one of only a handful of medical centers in the country with an accredited headache medicine fellowship program. Our division employs state-of-the-art therapies for patients, including medical and nonpharmacologic strategies, nerve blocks, trigger point injections, and Botox treatments. We also bring complementary modalities into patient care, including biofeedback, stress management, and physical therapy.

Additionally, our headache medicine specialists offer an infusion room, where intravenous medications can be administered to break a severe headache, eliminating the need for patients to go to an emergency department for treatment.

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Our faculty includes Mia T. Minen, MD, MPH, director of research for the division; Myrna I. Cardiel, MD; Valeriya Levitan, MD; and Robert Fryer, MD, PhD.