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Stroke Research Stroke Research Training

Stroke Research Training

Research faculty in the Division of Vascular Neurology are dedicated mentors, and offer research training opportunities to medical students, residents, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and clinical fellows.

Resident and Student Research

Residents and medical students interested in research opportunities should contact investigators below.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Albert S. Favate

Trainees interested in working with Albert S. Favate, MD, could participate in research in the following areas: development of a novel carotid stent to modulate cerebral blood flow, natural history of cavernomas, pathophysiology of small vessel diseases, development of novel chemothrombolytic and plaque stabilization approaches, and development of the NYU Langone Posterior fossa stroke scale score.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Brandon Giglio

Brandon Giglio, MD, works on case reports on unique presentations and unique radiographic findings in stroke patients.

Case series analyses include evaluating patients who did not have mechanical thrombectomy in a delayed window (more than six hours from last known well), calculating ASPECT score on CT head and evaluating CT perfusion findings in such patients to determine effect of CTP on decision to pursue thrombectomy.

Quality improvement (QI) projects include workflow to improve the registration of patients with stroke in the emergency department (both transfers and community patients), and radiology workflow for patients with combined stroke and trauma.

An education project on neurology residents includes goals of care and advance care planning counseling.

An education project on neurology residents, neurology advanced practice providers, and neuroscience nursing students includes post-mechanical thrombectomy care including management of complications.

An education project for the emergency department, Department of Medicine, and Department of Rehabilitation includes improvement in stroke awareness and stroke recognition and early stroke management.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly, MD, PhD, is interested in understanding how the inhibition and disinhibition of neural circuits in the cerebral cortex contributes to stroke complications. More specifically, Dr. Kelly’s research program includes clinical research investigating the development of fine motor disability, focal epilepsy, and neurocognitive decline in patients with stroke, as well as laboratory studies in mice to understand alterations to local circuitry in areas of ischemic injury.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Heidi Schambra

With Heidi Schambra, MD, students and residents can participate in a project to automate the measurement of rehabilitation training. They can help code movement data in patients and healthy individuals performing rehabilitation activities.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Jose L. Torres

Jose L. Torres, MD, likes to take clinical questions and see if they can be answered by doing retrospective chart reviews. In the past, Dr. Torres and team have looked at the use of stimulants for stroke recovery, anticoagulation in patients with cancer, factors that increase mortality after thrombectomy, etc.

Research Opportunities with Dr. Cen Zhang

With Cen Zhang, MD, students and residents can participate in educational research including simulation-based learning and faculty development.

Postdoctoral Research

Postdoctoral candidates who are interested in clinical research in neurorecovery and neurorehabilitation after stroke should contact Heidi Schambra, MD.