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Orthopedic Surgery Medical Student Education Orthopedic Surgery Summer Externship Program

Orthopedic Surgery Summer Externship Program

NYU Langone’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery offers a six-week summer externship program for medical students. The program provides in-depth exposure to academic orthopedic surgery early in a medical student’s education, between the first and second years. We aim to provide the kind of faculty mentorship that continues throughout medical school and into residency. This program also promotes diversity among students interested in pursuing our orthopedic surgery residency.

Each summer extern is assigned to a member of our academic faculty who serves as your preceptor for the entire six-week experience. The externship includes shadowing the faculty preceptor in the outpatient office setting, in the hospital clinic, and in the operating room, allowing for exposure to patient care in a variety of clinical settings. You are encouraged to become a part of the faculty preceptor’s orthopedic care team. Additional clinical experience is obtained by spending time in NYU Langone’s Samuels Orthopedic Immediate Care Center and taking calls alongside our orthopedic surgery residents to gain experience managing the acutely injured orthopedic patient.

You attend a weekly academic conference and lecture series covering topics including Orthopedic History and Physical Examination, Orthopedic Biomechanics, Fracture Fixation Principles, Approach to Interpreting Radiographic Studies, and Management of Common Orthopedic Pathologies. You are expected to read throughout the externship to help broaden your academic experience and also participate in hands-on skills sessions, including a splinting and casting tutorial and a sawbones fracture fixation lab.

Each summer extern is required to participate in a scholarly activity that is presented at the conclusion of the program. The scholarly activity can be a clinical or basic science research project, a review paper, or a case report. Your faculty preceptor helps you select a topic and guides you through the process, including assistance with the literature search and preparation of the presentation.

Professionalism during the externship is emphasized. Your daily schedule is determined by your faculty preceptor, with a minimum of one day a week in the operating room, two days in the office, and one day working on your academic project.

How to Apply and Important Dates

Interested first-year medical students can apply for the program by submitting a CV and a letter of interest addressed to Vinay K. Aggarwal, MD, director of the summer externship program, care of Randie Godette, senior residency program coordinator, at Randie.Godette@NYULangone.org.

We will begin accepting applications for the program on January 1, 2024. Applications for this program are due by February 2, 2024. Please note the following important dates:

  • Program acceptances: March 11, 2024 (by end of business day)
  • Student confirmation of participation: March 15, 2024

The anticipated program dates are June 3, 2024, through July 12, 2024. Applicants should ensure their availability during the program dates prior to submitting an application for review. We understand each school’s academic calendar is variable and want to ensure maximum participation for all accepted applicants.

Diversity Scholarships

Qualified women and members of underrepresented minority groups who are accepted into the program may be eligible for travel and housing scholarships. To apply, please send a letter of recommendation in addition to your CV and letter of interest in the program. Please note your status in an underrepresented group in your letter of interest.

All application materials should be addressed to Dr. Aggarwal, care of Ms. Godette, at Randie.Godette@NYULangone.org.

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