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Musculoskeletal Research Center Musculoskeletal Research Center Biomechanics Core

Musculoskeletal Research Center Biomechanics Core

The Biomechanics Core in NYU Langone’s Musculoskeletal Research Center provides technical support and solutions to researchers performing biomechanics analysis, testing, and experiments. Our facilities offer a wide range of equipment for and assistance with many types of research, including mechanical testing of different materials, research involving biological samples or animal models, and finite element analysis.

We provide the following services:

  • full testing, which includes processing and testing samples and sending the results to the researcher
  • assisted testing, which includes access to test samples in our facilities
  • training for researchers before assisted testing

The co-directors of the core are Thorsten Kirsch, PhD, and Alesha B. Castillo, PhD.

Biomechanics Core Equipment

The following equipment is available at NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, located at 301 East 17th Street, 15th floor, in Manhattan:

  • MTS load cell, model 661.21A-01, 49-kN capacity
  • MTS hydraulic actuator, model 204.61, 48.9-kN capacity, 50.8-mm stroke
  • MTS axial–torsional load transducer, model 662.20c-03, 9.78-kN axial capacity, 112.98-Nm capacity, 150-mm stroke
  • Pickering rotary variable differential transformer, model 235.01, 50-degree range
  • Trans-Tek angular displacement transducer, model 0603-0000, 120-degree range
  • Rotac Hyd-ro-ac rotary actuator, model SS.2A-1V, 20.67-MPa maximum pressure, 100-degree range
  • MTS load frame, model 312.21, 97.8-kN capacity
  • Instron load frame, model AW2685-10
  • MTS FlexTest controller, model 494.06

Researchers may also request use of our Bose ElectroForce 3200 and the BioDent H reference point indenter, which are available at NYU Bioengineering Institute located at 433 First Avenue, ninth floor, in Manhattan.

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For more information about the Biomechanics Core and the services we provide, please contact Nicholas Parody at

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