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Clinical Laboratory Services Clinical Chemistry & Point-of-Care Testing

Clinical Chemistry & Point-of-Care Testing

NYU Langone’s clinical chemistry service provides comprehensive testing in chemical analysis including a variety of panels, endocrine, therapeutic drug monitoring, clinical toxicology, analysis of serum proteins, and metabolic disorders.

Clinical Chemistry Laboratory

The clinical chemistry laboratory is located at Tisch Hospital.

Our laboratory processes more than 1.6 million specimens per year. In addition to chemistry profiles and the tests mentioned above, our laboratory performs sweat testing, providing services to NYU Langone’s very active cystic fibrosis program.

We offer serum protein electrophoresis (SPE) and SPE with reflex to immunofixation when protein spikes are observed on the SPE. In addition, we perform urine immunofixation for the analysis of monoclonal immunoglobulins and light chains.

Point-of-Care Testing

Point-of-care testing is performed at many different inpatient and outpatient testing locations throughout NYU Langone. The most common tests available, which vary by site, are glucose, urine pregnancy, urinalysis, and blood gases.

Turnaround Time

Most routine testing is completed within several hours of sample receipt, and even highly specialized tests are typically completed on the same shift or day, except for electrophoresis, which is usually completed by the next day.