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Hematology & Coagulation Services

NYU Langone’s hematology and coagulation laboratory, located at Tisch Hospital, performs nearly one million tests per year including routine complete blood counting, coagulation profiles, special coagulation studies such as factor assays and inhibitors, von Willebrand tests, and platelet studies. We also perform thromboelastography (TEG), automated urinalysis, and body fluid cell counts.

Our hematology laboratory uses an automated platform for complete blood counting. Urinalysis utilizes automated instruments including chemical screen and automated sediment by flow cytometry. We have developed an algorithm to screen urines for urine culture using flow cytometry parameters.

Turnaround Time

Complete blood count results are available within minutes of the sample being placed in the instrument. Other tests take less than an hour, and the majority of results—including sophisticated special coagulation assays—may be available on the same day that we receive the sample.