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Department of Plastic Surgery Education Plastic Surgery Continuing Medical Education

Plastic Surgery Continuing Medical Education

The Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery encourages our surgeons and other physicians and medical professionals at NYU Langone to participate in continuing medical education courses. These courses help to further your knowledge of new developments in the fields of plastic surgery and wound management.

Our department sponsors and lends its expertise to a variety of informative programs, including the following:

  • State of the Art: Facial Reconstruction and Transplantation: Learn about aesthetic and functional reconstruction of the craniofacial hard and soft tissue.
  • Craniofacial Distraction: Indications, Alternatives, Long-Term Outcomes: Learn from leaders of craniofacial distraction as they present, compare, and contrast state-of-the-art techniques of the field, emphasizing indications and alternative and long-term outcomes, and encouraging active discussion by the faculty and participants.
  • Nasoalveolar Molding: Explore the latest approaches to cleft lip and palate therapy at this biannual event.
  • Wound Management: Focus on how to diagnose and treat common wound problems that practicing clinicians encounter daily.
  • Breast Reconstruction State of the Art: Learn about the latest study data and safety recommendations.
  • Microvascular Reconstruction: Explore all cardinal procedures performed in cleft lip and palate reconstruction from birth to adulthood.
  • Total Cleft Care: From Birth to Adulthood: Review cardinal reconstruction procedures for cleft lip and palate.