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NYU Women’s Health Study NYU Women’s Health Study Questionnaires

NYU Women’s Health Study Questionnaires

Since the inception of the NYU Women’s Health Study cohort, every few years we follow up with participants by mail or telephone, at which time they are asked to complete a questionnaire that updates their health and lifestyle information. Questions on cancers and other chronic diseases, as well as on weight, smoking status, and medications, are included in every follow-up questionnaire. Other questions related to health history, family history of cancer, and physical activity are included periodically to update information collected earlier in the study. Questions related to reproductive history and hormone use have been gradually phased out from questionnaires, while age-related factors have been added to capture the variables most relevant to the cohort’s age distribution.


Each of the questionnaires can be accessed via the hyperlinks below. You may use the following questionnaires going back to 1985 for informational use only:

Please do not copy, distribute, or otherwise use these questionnaires without written permission of the NYU Women’s Health Study. To request permission, email us at nyuwhs@nyulangone.org.

Questionnaire Variables

A list of variables, or metadata, collected on our questionnaires can be accessed as a PDF file for a broad view of the type and frequency of questions asked on baseline and follow-up questionnaires. Lean more about the NYU Women’s Health Study questionnaire variables.