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Section on Health Choice, Policy & Evaluation Research Tool for Advancing Practice Performance

Tool for Advancing Practice Performance

The Tool for Advancing Practice Performance (TAPP) is a novel, low-burden tool with 113 items designed to assess practice-level primary care structures and processes that are associated with better care and clinical outcomes. The structure and processes are related to eight domains:

  • address social factors and encourage patient engagement
  • reduce clinical risk factors
  • provide enhanced care
  • expand access to care
  • provide ancillary services
  • establish care team processes and workflows
  • use clinical information systems
  • use data and evidence

Content validity for the TAPP was established through a comprehensive literature review; a Delphi study with health services researchers, healthcare leaders, and primary care providers; and a series of qualitative interviews with providers and quality-improvement staff. Test-retest reliability, internal consistency, and predictive validity were established in a national sample of 247 primary care practices.

The TAPP was developed by researchers in NYU Langone’s Department of Population Health.

This work was funded by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (1U01TR002008-01).

Guidelines for Using the TAPP

The TAPP should be completed by individuals who have a deep understanding of practice policies and general operations, such as a practice manager, lead provider/physician, medical director, or quality improvement leader. It is acceptable to have more than one individual complete the TAPP or provide input to its completion. In a multi-specialty environment, consider only the primary care department or service when responding.

Download the TAPP, and view instructions for scoring the TAPP.

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