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Rehabilitation Fellowships for Allied Healthcare Professionals Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship in Rehabilitation Research

Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship in Rehabilitation Research

The Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship in Rehabilitation Research, under the directorship of Joseph F. Rath, PhD, is in its second five-year cycle of funding from the Advanced Rehabilitation Research and Training (ARRT) Program, National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR, grant #90ARHF0001). Our training faculty includes Joseph H. Ricker, PhD, ABPP; Robert M. Gordon, PsyD; and Hilary C. Bertisch, PhD, ABPP.

One of only 20 ARRT Programs funded nationwide, the fellowship is designed to train psychology postdoctoral fellows to become outstanding independent clinical researchers, specifically in the areas of brain-related illness and injury and neuropsychological rehabilitation.

The fellowship’s focus is on clinical research related to the assessment and treatment of adults with neurocognitive disorders, including traumatic brain injury, stroke, and chronic multisymptom illnesses that affect cognitive functioning. Innovative neurorehabilitation assessment and intervention methods, especially those related to problem-solving and emotional self-regulation, are primary areas of interest. The fellowship is also focused on diversity and the ways certain demographic factors—such as race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and socioeconomic status—affect health outcomes.

As a fellow, you present at national scientific conferences and either complete at least one publication or submit a grant application to support further research beyond your fellowship training. Although the fellowship is focused on clinical research, you have the opportunity to participate in the ongoing clinical care of adult outpatients, offering neuropsychological assessment, cognitive remediation, and psychotherapy. Supervision and training prepare you for licensure and board certification in rehabilitation psychology or clinical neuropsychology.

Research Opportunities for Fellows

Fellows collaborate on established multidisciplinary clinical research projects in the Neurorehabilitation Assessment and Intervention Lab, supported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and NIDILRR. You also conduct independent research projects, with an emphasis on study inception, protocol development and implementation, and dissemination.

Collaborative clinical research projects within NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation include Rusk Rehabilitation Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Model Systems, led by principal investigator Tamara Bushnik, PhD, and Barriers to Neurorehabilitation Treatment Following Acquired Brain Injury, led by principal investigator Dr. Rath.

You also participate in federally funded collaborative clinical research projects with other departments and institutions. Current collaborations include Quantitative MRI and 1H-MRS in Traumatic Brain Injury, led by principal investigator Yvonne W. Lui, MD (grant #R01NS039135), and Cognitive Rehabilitation for Gulf War Illness, led by principal investigator Lisa McAndrew, MD (grant #CDA 13-017 and grant #SDR 14-204).

Fellowship Eligibility and Application Process

Before beginning the fellowship, candidates must have completed all doctoral degree requirements in a relevant area of psychology—such as rehabilitation, clinical, counseling, or health psychology and neuropsychology—and be eligible for a limited permit to practice psychology in New York state. People with disabilities and members of other traditionally underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications must include the following:

  • a letter of interest that identifies your career goals, expectations, and why you feel the fellowship is a good fit
  • your CV
  • three letters of recommendation
  • representative copies of any publications, abstracts, or research presentations (a sample de-identified neuropsychological evaluation is optional)

Applications are accepted each December for one full-time, two-year position that begins the following September.

Contact Us

For more information about the Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship in Rehabilitation Research, please contact Joseph F. Rath, PhD, program director, at 212-263-6183 or