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Surgery Selectives Endocrine Surgery & Surgical Oncology Selective

Endocrine Surgery & Surgical Oncology Selective

NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Endocrine Surgery and Surgical Oncology Selective is a four-week training session offered throughout the year. We enroll two students in each session; a surgical clerkship is a prerequisite.

During this selective, the student develops an understanding of the basic biology of endocrine disease and tumor biology. They also assist in the operating room (OR) and receive training in thyroid and parathyroid ultrasound, ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration, and fiberoptic laryngoscopy, as well as other tumor-related imaging.

Our surgical faculty members are committed to maximizing students’ learning opportunities during this selective. Our medical oncologists, endocrinologists, and basic science tumor biologists lead didactic sessions. Students are expected to present cases at our biweekly teaching conferences.

Goals of the Endocrine Surgery and Surgical Oncology Selective

Students in this selective actively participate in all aspects of patient care, including pre-and postoperative assessment of patients with thyroid cancer and other thyroid diseases, hyperparathyroidism, adrenal tumors, malignant melanoma, sarcomas, and other soft tissue tumors.

By the end of the selective, students are able to perform an appropriate physical exam of the head, neck, and skin; interpret radiographic findings relevant to endocrine surgery and surgical oncology; and understand the interdisciplinary nature between the two specialties. They participate daily in the care of patients, which helps them develop an in-depth knowledge of diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.

Key Responsibilities

During the selective, students work as an important member of the endocrine surgery and surgical oncology team. They participate in the outpatient assessment of patients and assist in the OR and with inpatient care under the supervision of faculty and residents. They also attend biweekly endocrine surgery and surgical oncology conference, multidisciplinary oncology conferences, and weekly surgery mortality and morbidity conferences.

Didactic Program

Students participate in a reading program and weekly meetings with surgical faculty members to discuss issues in endocrine surgery, surgical oncology, and specific clinical issues related to patients. They also participate in daily teaching rounds and meet weekly with the selectives director, who is responsible for their clinical and didactic schedule, to discuss the biological mechanisms of disease.

Students are encouraged to participate in endocrine surgery and surgical oncology–related research, which can be initiated during this selective and pursued during the subsequent academic years.

Method of Evaluation

Students are evaluated by endocrine surgery and surgical oncology faculty, with input from surgical residents. The selectives director evaluates students’ performance based on the level of knowledge they display on a daily basis, the depth of their reading, and their clinical performance as evaluated by residents and faculty.

Endocrine Surgery and Surgical Oncology Selective Faculty

The Endocrine Surgery and Surgical Oncology Selective includes the following faculty.

Course Director

Mark Hochberg, MD

Endocrine Surgery Faculty

Kepal N. Patel, MD

Surgical Oncology Faculty

Russell S. Berman, MD
Daniel F. Roses, MD
Richard L. Shapiro, MD
Erica B. Friedman, MD

Basic Science Mentor

Kepal N. Patel, MD

Contact Us

For more information or questions about the Endocrine Surgery and Surgical Oncology Selective, contact Acacia Sharma, program coordinator, at 212-263-2225 or acacia.sharma@nyulangone.org.