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Surgery Selectives Transplant Surgery Selective

Transplant Surgery Selective

NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Transplant Surgery Selective trains medical students in all aspects of surgical care before and after a transplant, including preoperative assessment of candidates for liver and kidney transplantation. This four-week program is offered throughout the year, with one student enrolled per session. A surgery clerkship is a prerequisite to this selective.

On this selective, the students learn transplant biology and gain an understanding of disease processes. They participate in weekly sessions with immunologists and at least two didactic sessions with basic science immunology faculty to better understand the rejection process after transplants. In addition, they assist in the remote procurement of organs, operating room (OR) implantation of organs, and learn postoperative management and immunosuppression. Our attending transplant surgeons are committed to maximizing the learning opportunities for students on the selective.

Goals of the Transplant Surgery Selective

The Transplant Surgery Selective introduces students to transplants through clinical training in all aspects of pre- and post-transplant care. Students are also introduced to operative techniques, including donor procurement and recipient surgery.

Among the skills and knowledge gained during this selective are the following:

  • ability to define appropriate indications for organ transplantation
  • understanding of the pharmacology of immunosuppressive therapy
  • knowledge of the organ procurement system and how organs are matched
  • demonstrated comprehension of the long-term care of people who have transplants
  • appreciation of the psychosocial aspects of organ transplantation

Key Responsibilities

During this selective students work as an important part of the transplant team and attend all transplant operations, as well as daily rounds, pre- and post-transplant clinic, and surgery conferences attended by residents.

Didactic Program

Each student is assigned a faculty preceptor who meets with them at least weekly. Daily rounds include robust teaching of patient care and immunology. Weekly grand rounds and morbidity and mortality conferences are mandatory.

Method of Evaluation

Students are evaluated by attendings with input from surgical residents. The selectives director also provides feedback on their performance. Evaluations are based on the level of knowledge displayed on a daily basis, the depth of their reading, and clinical performance as evaluated by the residents and faculty.

Transplant Surgery Selective Faculty

Our Transplant Surgery Selective includes the following faculty.

Course Director

Bruce E. Gelb, MD

Transplant Surgery Faculty

Robert Montgomery, MD
Nabil N. Dagher, MD
Bonnie E. Lonze, MD, PhD
Zoe A. Stewart-Lewis, MD, PhD
Jonathan C. Berger, MD
Anthony Watkins, MD

Basic Science Faculty

Bonnie E. Lonze, MD, PhD

Contact Us

For more information or questions about the Transplant Surgery Selective, contact Acacia Sharma, program coordinator, at 212-263-2225 or