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Surgery Selectives Vascular Surgery Selective

Vascular Surgery Selective

NYU Grossman School of Medicine offers a four-week Vascular Surgery Selective, which provides training in the care of people who have arterial and venous disease. A surgery clerkship is a prerequisite to this selective. The selective is offered throughout the year; one student is enrolled per session.

Medical students enrolled in this selective attend daily ward rounds and the weekly vascular surgery conference and participate in pre- and postoperative care. They also assist with surgery in the operating room (OR), see outpatients who have diagnostic problems and for postoperative follow-up, and attend clinic and medical rounds with faculty.

During this selective, students develop a basic understanding of vascular diseases by participating in at least two didactic sessions with basic science faculty in vascular biology, which include the following:

  • Vascular Disease and the Coagulation Cascade: Pathogenesis to Treatment
  • Medical Therapy in Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Pathophysiology of Vascular Disease

Goals of the Vascular Surgery Selective

On this selective, students become familiar with major arterial and venous diseases and their underlying basic science mechanisms. They also learn about the common problems associated with vascular disease, including arterial insufficiency, both in the lower extremities and in the carotid arteries, aneurysmal disease of the aorta and other vessels, venous insufficiency, and lymphatic disorders.

The goal is to familiarize students with the use of noninvasive diagnostic tests, interventional radiology, and surgery for vascular disease. Students also learn to perform a complete vascular exam on a patient, describe radiographic imaging findings and their implications, and understand the interactions of comorbidities on operative risk.

Key Responsibilities

Students on this selective work closely with residents to care for patients who have vascular diseases. This includes taking histories and physicals, pre- and postoperative assessment, and participating in daily rounds. Students take night calls twice a week with a senior house staff officer and observe and learn in the OR.

Didactic Program

On Tuesday mornings students participate in a weekly conference geared toward students and house staff officers. They also meet weekly with the selectives director to discuss their progress in clinical and basic science training.

Method of Evaluation

Students are evaluated on their clinical performance by attendings, with input from surgical house staff. They also receive feedback on their performance from the selectives director, who evaluates them based on level of knowledge and depth of reading.

Vascular Surgery Selective Faculty

Our Vascular Surgery Selective faculty are renowned in the field.

Course Director

Todd L. Berland, MD

Vascular Surgery Faculty

Glenn R. Jacobowitz, MD
Patrick J. Lamparello, MD
Caron B. Rockman, MD
Mikel Sadek, MD
Neal S. Cayne, MD
Thomas Maldonado, MD
Michael E. Barfield, MD

Basic Science Faculty

Jeffrey S. Berger, MD

Contact Us

For more information or questions about the Vascular Surgery Selective, contact Acacia Sharma, program coordinator, at 212-263-2225 or