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Virology Institute

We collaborate with an international consortium to combat viruses and the diseases they cause.

The NYU Langone Virology Institute is an international hub for virology research with the goal of fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation as it relates to understanding and preventing viral diseases. We take a multifaceted systems approach to studying the biology of viruses. More specifically, we focus on understanding how cells defend themselves against viruses, how viruses circumvent these defenses, and how we can use this information to create new therapeutics and antivirals. By combining broad expertise in virology, immunology, cell biology, and systems biology with state-of-the art technologies and modern facilities, the Virology Institute is poised to tackle new global scientific challenges at the forefront of virological research.

Contact Us

Our office is located at 550 First Ave, fifth floor, on the east side of Manhattan. For more information about our institute, please contact us at 212-263-5345.

Please direct all media inquiries to