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Virology Institute Virology Institute Facilities & Resources

Virology Institute Facilities & Resources

The NYU Langone Virology Institute offers cutting-edge facilities and resources to its members in an effort to foster a collaborative and impactful research environment aimed at advancing basic research into the clinic.

FDA-Compliant Manufacturing Laboratory

We are equipped with a well-maintained manufacturing laboratory that is in compliance with FDA Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards for preclinical research and drug development. Our GLP certification is essential to ensure both the integrity of our laboratory studies and the quality of our products as we advance promising biologicals into clinical trials.

High-Containment Laboratory

Our community works to develop therapeutics designed to prevent morbidity and mortality associated with a variety of highly pathogenic viruses. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a high-containment laboratory outfitted with safety and security features that meet the highest standards and allow for work in an environment that is protective of both laboratory personnel and the public.

Gene and Cell Therapy Engineering Laboratory

The Gene and Cell Therapy Engineering Laboratory at the Virology Institute supports preclinical and clinical research toward the development and commercialization of transformative genetic- and cell-based therapeutics. This work encompasses both therapies that target viral disease as well as clinical development of therapeutics that use viruses as tools for delivery. Our approach includes leveraging the power of next-generation sequencing techniques and gene-editing technologies to rapidly advance our products through preclinical testing and ultimately into clinical trials in collaboration with NYU Langone’s Vaccine Center.