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Violet Society Program for MD Students Violet Society Events & Activities

Violet Society Events & Activities

NYU Grossman School of Medicine's Violet Society Program holds events and activities to support MD students throughout their four years of medical school. Through individual meetings with your faculty advisor, community-wide town hall meetings with your classmates, and small group workshops, you are guided on academic requirements, career development, applying for residencies, and more.

Career Advising

You participate in career-advising events with your Violet Society peers and advisors for each year of medical school.

First-Year Events

As a first-year student at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, you’re assigned to one of our four Violet Societies. You have three one-on-one meetings with your faculty advisor during your first year, in the fall, winter, and spring. You also have two small group meetings, one in the fall and one in the winter, as well as three class-wide events throughout the year.

At a town hall event in the winter of your first year, you learn about summer opportunities at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, including internships for first-year students on topics ranging from healthcare leadership, to environmental medicine, to population health, and more. Second-year students are available to tell you about their own summer experiences. At your second one-on-one meeting with your faculty advisor, you discuss opportunities of interest and receive feedback on your academic portfolio submissions.

During the spring, you meet with other first-year students in small groups for a career timeline presentation. During this group meeting, you discuss your experiences as a medical student and plan for your future as a physician. You can discuss residency options and how your career path may change based on the type of physician you want to become.

During your third individual advising session, you review the first year of medical school with your advisor. After your last exam, you attend a luncheon with your classmates and faculty advisors to celebrate the end of your first year of medical school.

Second-Year Events

Second-year Violet Society mentoring events consist of two class-wide events, two small group events, and two to three individual meetings.

At the fall one-on-one session with your faculty advisor, you discuss your summer experiences and plan for your clerkships. In small group meetings, you reflect on the prior summer and learn about clerkship “palettes”—the chronological arrangements in which students do their clerkships—and how to participate in the clerkship palette lottery. With other second-year students, you also attend a town hall meeting on clerkship palette selection to get answers to any questions you may still have about the process.

In the spring, after completing your first 12-week block of clerkship rotations, you meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your experiences on the wards and any challenges associated with transitioning from the classroom to the clinical setting.

During small group workshops, you complete the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator® and learn how your personality type affects your approach to clinical care and teamwork during your first interclerkship intensive week.

Third-Year Events

As a third-year student, mentoring events include preparing for the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®) Step 1, receiving specialty and residency advice, and attending residency application workshops.

In the fall of your third year, you attend a town hall meeting with your classmates to learn about establishing successful USLME® study habits, scheduling your final months of medical school, and meeting the requirements for your scholarly concentration.

You meet individually with your faculty advisor to touch base regarding the USMLE® Step 1 and your choices regarding selective, elective, and your scholarly concentration choices for the final 18 months of medical school. During a second town hall meeting in the winter, you learn about the residency-application timeline and are assigned clinical departmental advisors who match your specialty interests. These departmental advisors assist you in choosing a specialty using the Association of American Medical Colleges’ (AAMC) Careers in Medicine® tool and preparing to participate in the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP).

In the spring, you attend small group workshops with NYU Grossman School of Medicine's associate dean for students to review the residency application process. Workshop topics include securing letters of recommendation and completing the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), a tool for measuring performance that is widely used in the matching process.

Required components of all residency applications include the residency application form, the MSPE, transcripts, a CV, a personal statement, your USMLE® scores, and as many as four letters of recommendation.

You can access resources to help you prepare for residency applications, interviews, and matching in Brightspace. Opens in a new tab (Kerberos ID and password required for login), our online platform for learning and medical education resources.

If you are on the accelerated three-year MD pathway, you can attend third-year Violet Society mentoring events, if you choose. However, as part of early, conditional acceptance into an NYU Grossman School of Medicine residency program, you take part in a personalized mentoring within the department of your chosen residency at this time.

Fourth-Year Events

Mentoring activities and events for fourth-year students include preparation for residency interviews and Match Day activities.

You continue to meet with your faculty and clinical departmental advisors during the summer and fall of your fourth year to discuss the residency application process and to prepare you for interviews with different residency programs. Additional resources for scheduling and preparing for residency interviews are available from the AAMC.

During the fall, you participate in a town hall event with other students to discuss residency interviews. A panel of residency program directors describes the specifics of residency interviews within different medical specialties. You can also participate in preparatory mock interviews.

In the winter, you meet with your faculty advisor to discuss rank order lists for the NRMP®. On Match Day, in March of your fourth year, you learn which residency programs you matched with.

After Match Day, you attend small group dinners with your classmates and faculty advisors to celebrate the end of medical school and anticipate the next phase of your medical training. Students who are completing a dual MD/master’s degree in five years take part in these events when they return to medical school during the fifth year.

Professional Development

We organize school-wide mentoring and professional development workshops and events for all students to explore different specialties and learn about NYU Grossman School of Medicine programs.

Career Nights

We welcome students in all classes to explore a variety of specialties and get answers to career questions in our series of one-hour, round-robin style sessions with faculty members and residents who practice in various medical fields.

Clinical Clubs and Activities

Attend specialty specific guest speaker engagements, participate in educational workshops, shadow a professional mentor, and more with activities open to all students and hosted in collaboration with NYU Grossman School of Medicine's many student clubs.

Get to Know Me: Classroom to Career Series

Our Get to Know Me: Classroom to Career series for preclinical medical students offers a personal glimpse into specialties that may not be encountered during the clerkship experience. Learn how a specialist's work ties into your current coursework and pose questions you might not otherwise have a chance to ask.

Community Building

We organize community-building events for all students to form relationships with each other and faculty regardless of academic year.

Violet Society Olympics

In this community-building student favorite, the four Violet Societies square off in a series of games and activities to see who’s got what it takes to bring home the gold.

Winter Mixer

During the holiday season, the Violet Society Program hosts social events for each society to encourage student and faculty networking. Students enjoy trivia and raffles.

Spring Wellness Event

In the spring semester, your faculty advisor and peer mentor host an off-campus spring wellness event. Past events have included painting workshops, yoga classes, rock climbing, and shuffleboard.

Family Meetings

Peer mentors host three family meetings throughout the academic year. Your “family” is a smaller group within your assigned Violet Society that you remain with throughout medical school. It’s overseen by a fourth-year peer mentor. Family meetings are usually evening events that allow you to share advice with and ask questions of peers from all class years.