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Stage Three: Individualized Exploration MD Degree Scholarly Concentrations

MD Degree Scholarly Concentrations

During clinical training at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, our MD degree students complete a 12-week scholarly concentration. This allows you to delve deeply into a field of medicine that matches your professional interests.

With the guidance of experts from your chosen discipline and a faculty mentor, you develop a research plan and prepare and submit a scholarly project. You are encouraged but not required to submit your work to a professional journal. 

Upon completion of your scholarly concentration, you do a self-assessment, reflecting on how your research experience enhanced four related core competencies

  • professionalism
  • ability to read and understand related literature
  • ability to formulate a hypothesis and design an experiment
  • proficiency in technical skills such as data gathering and analysis 

You may spend the entire 12 weeks of your scholarly concentration pursuing research or complete 8 weeks of research plus 4 weeks of a didactic experience in a selective or elective course, studying topics relevant to your research project.

Areas of Scholarly Concentration

Review the Scholarly Concentrations Program (a Kerberos ID is required for login) to learn more about available research opportunities and how to register. 

Concentration areas include but are not limited to the following: 

  • departmental concentrations in basic, clinical, or translational science
  • bioethics or the medical humanities
  • global health
  • health disparities
  • health systems innovation and policy
  • medical education
  • quality and patient safety in orthopedic surgery