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MD Curriculum Office of Medical Education

Office of Medical Education

NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Office of Medical Education offers administrative assistance and resources to help students receive the highest-quality medical education available. Our services include annual medical curriculum evaluation and analysis, student assessment, and resources for faculty.

Letter from Our Dean

The role of the Office of Medical Education is to actively support NYU Grossman School of Medicine students in their educational endeavors at a time of remarkable change in the practice of medicine, technology, and research.

Our office works closely with faculty and administration to ensure that our students receive an unparalleled medical education. As a collaborative team, students and faculty learn and discover together. We are proud to produce graduates who approach the profession of medicine with skill, compassion, intellectual discipline, and professionalism.

The Office of Medical Education ensures that students receive a medical education with a strong foundation in the core principles of basic science, mechanisms of disease, and integrated clinical skills. NYU Grossman School of Medicine is excited to offer a patient-centered, disease-focused curriculum that enhances the intellectual link between the classroom and patient care.

All of us in the Office of Medical Education are pleased to support our students and faculty by cultivating a culture of scholarship, mentorship, professionalism, and humanism. We encourage you to learn more about our exciting curriculum, the clinical training sites available to our students, and the faculty who make it all possible.

Warm Regards,
Mel Rosenfeld, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education

Office of Medical Education Faculty and Staff

The faculty and administrative staff of NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Office of Medical Education manage all aspects of the undergraduate medical curriculum, including curriculum development, implementation, and assessment.

Office of Medical Education Administration

Mel Rosenfeld, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology

Vicky Harnik, PhD
Associate Dean for Curriculum
Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology

Molly E. Poag, MD
Assistant Dean of Medical Education in the Clinical Sciences
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Director of Medical Student Education, Department of Psychiatry

Michael A. Poles, MD, PhD
Assistant Dean of Medical Education for the Pre-Clinical Sciences
Program Director, Division of Gastroenterology
Gastrointestinal Section Chief, VA NY Harbor Healthcare System
Director, Educator Community
Associate Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Pathology

Ruth M. Crowe, MD, PhD
Director, Integrated Clinical Skills
Director, Practice of Medicine Module and Content
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Kristi Tutela-Dane, JD, MBA
Senior Director

Erica Torres
Administrative Coordinator

Office of Medical Education Team

Meg Anderson
Project Coordinator, Standardized Patient Recruitment and Training

Brielle Blatt
Senior Project Coordinator, Integrated Clinical Skills, Practice of Medicine, Objective Structured Clinical Exams

Robert Boyd
Senior Project Coordinator, Lottery and Preclerkship Exams Administration

Danielle Cacciatore
Project Coordinator, Clerkship Curriculum and Selective Evaluations

Lauren Eisner
Project Coordinator, Preclerkship Curriculum, Credentialing and Interclerkship Intensives

Terrance Fell
Associate Research Technician, Living Anatomy

Carolyn Holmes
Senior Project Coordinator, Academic Calendar and Scheduling Administration

George Lew
Research Technician, Living Anatomy

Agatha Magierski
Project Coordinator, Practice of Medicine

Pauline McGlone
Project Coordinator, Objective Structured Clinical Exams, Honors Program, and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases Grant Administration

Hetal Patel
Project Associate, Objective Structured Clinical Exams, Concentrations, and Three-Year MD Program

Norkila Sherpa
Project Associate, Practice of Medicine

Jean-Pierre Simon, PhD
Assistant Professor, Education Specialist, and National Board of Medical Examiners Chief Proctor

Nelson Velasquez
Data Analyst

Contact Us

For questions about the undergraduate medical curriculum, contact us at 212-263-0748. You can also fax us at 646-502-6826. We are located at 550 First Avenue on the ground floor of the Medical Science Building.